Captain Crazy Eyes Receives Death Threats


Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner has instituted one of the most insane vaccine mandates in the world, threatening Territorians with destitution of they don’t take dangerous Covid vaccines. He has moved healthy aboriginals from their homes against their will into the Covid Gulag at Howard Springs.

After these Stalin-tier policies and his ridiculous press conference performances received international scorn, he labelled his critics tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists operating out of their mother’s basement in Florida.

Trust me. I’m not crazy. You are.

Shocking, he has also received death threats:

Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner has fought back tears while revealing his young child has been the subject of a death threat from anti-vaxxers.

During a COVID-19 press conference in Darwin, Mr Gunner was asked whether he knew of any death threats against politicians, following this week’s closure of the NT parliament’s public galleries due to security threats.

“I have [received death threats] on a number of occasions,” Mr Gunner said.

“Not just me, my family.

“I’ve been told my kid will be put in a grave.”

Mr Gunner appeared visibly shaken for about 15 seconds, before he composed himself.

“We have a job and we’ll do our job,” he said.

NT Police Commissioner Jamie Chalker said the threats against Mr Gunner and his family — as well as other politicians — were being taken very seriously.

“There’s multiple investigations that we’re undertaking and will continue to do so,” Commissioner Chalker said.

This is not the first time Gunner’s safety has been threatened. Last month he revealed that he had to move his family after threats were made online. Last month Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan has received death threats, while Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews’ electoral office shut down after receiving a suspicious package. He was also forced to make a hasty exit from a Bendigo university, and a man was arrested on the steps of Victorian Parliament carrying some kind of high powered bow.

This reflects growing frustration which ordinary Aussies are taking out on one another due to business owners being expected to enforce totalitarian Covid controls. Yesterday a Covid marshal was pushed down an escalator in Melbourne’s CBD. In the last week there was an escape from the Howard Springs Covid Gulag; a worker at a Covid testing clinic in Collingwood was injured in a hit-and-run car attack, while there was another incident at a testing clinic in Melbourne’s north; and several units at a Covid quarantine hotel in Cairns were set ablaze. A Covid testing clinic in Sydney was also burnt to the ground in September.

This level of violence has been normalised over the last 20 months, as Victoria Police routinely inflict disgusting brutality on unarmed, peaceful protesters and arrest people for their social media posts. It is safe to deduce that the Andrews government was forced to end its lockdown early as running battles between police and protesters had become commonplace.

Although the Golden Cage is still well and truly intact, Australia is becoming a nastier place in which to live. It is unrecognisable from barely a couple of decades ago, with mass protests, police beatings, showtrials of political prisoners, state surveillance and outright riots now the norm due to the combination of enforced multiculturalism and Covid Tyranny.

If these trends continue, violence will likely escalate into regular bloodshed.

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