Why we deserve $500M

Dear Federal Government of Australia

We applaud Australia’s commitment to a free and independent press, and we support the substantial government commitment to fund this through public news and media corporations such as the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
There’s only one problem: The ABC is not free and independent.


That’s why you need us.

To the Australian public,

We are proud to present the Australian public with The XYZ, a news organisation dedicated to the principles of Classical Liberalism. We aim to present the facts, both historical and contemporary, in a clear and rigorous manner, all the while openly acknowledging our bias. In this, we aim to distinguish ourselves from, and directly compete with, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

The ABC is currently failing the Australian Public in two key ways. Firstly, it is presenting material which serves a progressive agenda, with its focus on climate change, multiculturalism, refugee activism, gender politics, and a worldview which considers Western Civilisation as the source of much of the world’s problems.

Secondly, it presents this biased news as though it is well-informed and unbiased, thus compounding one lie with another.

This means that the ABC is serving the needs of less than half of the Australian population, by reinforcing their own biases, while receiving funding from the whole of the Australian population.

The XYZ proposes to fill this needs gap in public broadcasting. While we are perfectly capable of operating as a private organisation, we propose that we act as a Classical Liberal foil to the Progressive ABC. The XYZ will cater to the needs of Australians who believe in free speech, free markets, and freedom from regulation. Most importantly, we will have the decency to openly declare this bias.

In light of this proposal, we ask the Federal Government transfer half of the budget of The ABC over to The XYZ. We actually hope to return efficiencies back to the government to assist spending in other areas, or even to help pay off a couple of weeks’ worth of debt. We look forward to a constructive dialogue with the Australian Government and The ABC.

The Editors,

The XYZ.