Northern Territory Goes FULL COMMUNISM To Save Aborigines


You remember all that stuff I wrote about how Marxists push aboriginal identity politics to undermine Anglo Australian identity with the long term goal of giving Australia away to the rest of the world just because they hate White people?

I was way off.

Its sole purpose for 50 years has been to create a pretext for implementing full medical communism. A spate of aboriginal elders dying “of Covid”, some of which occurred suspiciously soon after a Covid “vaccination”, has given the NT government the pretext it always wanted:

There’s that word. “Jurisdiction”:

Essential workers in the Northern Territory will be subject to one of the strictest Covid-19 vaccination mandates in the world to begin in just a month.

Chief Minister Michael Gunner said employees who interacted with the public needed to get least one Covid-19 jab by November 13 or they wouldn’t be allowed back to work and faced a $5000 fine.

The fine applies to anybody who tries to work without their precious permit. Their definition of “essential worker” is literally anybody who comes into any kind of contact with other people.

The new directions apply to:

  • Employees at all jobs that involve interacting with members of the public. For example: hospitality, banking, retail, supermarket, receptionists, hairdressers and beauty therapists
  • Workers who come into direct contact with people at risk of severe illness from Covid-19, like Aboriginal people or those who can’t be vaccinated
  • Employees who work in a high-risk setting where there is a known risk of Covid-19 transmission or outbreak
  • People who perform work in essential infrastructure, food or essential good security or supply, or logistics

The logic behind this is that the Northern Territory has the highest proportion of aborigines in the country, whom are chock full of “underlying conditions” and are thus particularly vulnerable to Covid. Any suggestion that aborigines may die at a higher rate than the rest of the population sends every public official in the country into a catatonic state.

It would be quite literally genocide for them to not institute full communism to save the lives of aboriginal people. Thus we see how “genocide” has become a very useful modern political tool.

They haven’t even bothered to bubblewrap the communism:

The direction also includes a provision that mandates booster shots for those workers in the future.

You’re only ever one booster away from being unvaccinated. Also, it’s a “direction”. Not legislation. There will be no vote on this. You have no say:

Mr Gunner warned Territorians: “You have 30 days”.

“That is the deadline to keep working in these jobs,” he said.

Let’s have a look at the greatest irony of all this totalitarian mess:

While the chief minister said the overall vaccination numbers were “pretty good” he pointed out there were some “worryingly low rates” in remote communities.

He said he was doing everything possible to get everyone vaccinated.

“Remote communities” is a euphemism for “aboriginal communities”. They can’t coerce them with “take the vaccine or you lose your job” because there aren’t any jobs out there.

What they’re telling us is that they are forcing White people to take a dangerous vaccine to protect aborigines who refuse to take the vaccine.

Never underestimate the survival instincts of aborigines. They’ll be fine.

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