FACT: Covid Vaccine is more dangerous than Covid in Australia


UPDATE: James Fox Higgins has just done a live stream on Odysee discussing these figures.

James Fox Higgins has collated and compared the numbers for deaths from the coronavirus in Australia, and deaths and adverse reactions to the coronavirus vaccine. He posted the figures at Foxgrams:

Here’s some raw data I dug up this evening. I will present it in a better way in the future, and offer some interpretation, but for now here’s just the numbers (at least, the official ones):

25,687,041 Total population of Australia as at 30th June, 2020


40,774 total Covid cases
970 total Covid deaths
(2.38% of cases resulted in death)
(0.0037% of population of Australia died of Covid)

10,195,842 individuals with at least one dose of vaccine.

ADVERSE REACTION REPORTING UP TO AUGUST 4th (~90 day delay on reporting)
*note: the database itself states that these numbers are under-reported because they are voluntarily provided.

28,487 Astrazeneca Adverse Reactions
254 Astrazeneca Deaths
16,816 Comirnaty Adverse Reactions
166 Comirnaty Deaths

45,303 Total Reported Vaccine Adverse Reactions (for the two types)
420 Total Reported Deaths from Vaccine Adverse Reactions
(0.44% of vaccinated had an adverse reaction of some kind)
(0.93% of Adverse Reactions resulted in death)
(0.004% of all Vaccine recipients dying from Adverse Reactions)

Database link: https://apps.tga.gov.au/PROD/DAEN/daen-entry.aspx

Vaccine Rollout link: https://www.health.gov.au/sites/default/files/documents/2021/08/covid-19-vaccine-rollout-update-18-august-2021.pdf

Vox Day has analysed these figures to reach the following conclusions:

The first thing that leaps out is 420 reported vaccine deaths compared to 970 total Covid deaths. Even if we leave out the assumption that adverse reactions are under-reported, assume that all of the Covid deaths are actually OF Covid rather than WITH Covid and are of the unvaccinated, and ignore the natural mutation of the virus to more contagious, less lethal variants, the relative risk factors make it clear that it is riskier for the average Australian to become a vaccine recipient than to remain unvaccinated.

  • Chance of unvaccinated individual contracting and dying of Covid = one in 26,481
  • Chance of vaccinated individual dying of an adverse vaccine reaction = one in 24,275

So, even in the most favorable possible case for the vaccines, the average individual’s risk of death is essentially the same. And once you begin factoring in comorbidities, age, the decreased lethality of the Delta variant, the number of vaccinated deaths, the possibility that the patient died of something else while Covid-positive, and the mounting evidence that the ADE scenario is in effect, it is clear that the vaccines pose a greater threat to human life than does the virus.

Now, to consider the non-lethal aspects of the situation.

  • Chance of unvaccinated individual contracting Covid = one in 630
  • Chance of vaccinated individual experiencing an adverse reaction = one in 225

Ergo, the chance of experiencing an adverse reaction to the vaccine is nearly 3x greater than the chance of catching Covid. Since the chance of dying of the vaccine is at least as good as the chance of dying of the disease, it makes absolutely no sense for the average individual to get vaccinated even before we have a good idea of what the negative long term effects of the vaccines are. And since Covid is less harmful to the young while the vaccines are more harmful to them, it is completely unconscionable, and should be illegal, to advocate or administer Covid vaccines to young adults and children.

If the official figures are to be trusted, the chance of dying from both the coronavirus and the vaccine are small and roughly equal. However, it is likely that numbers of the former are exaggerated and the latter are underreported, which could mean the vaccine poses a significantly higher risk than Covid itself.

The “ADE scenario” is one I don’t fully understand, but I do know it is bad. Really, really bad.

Regarding pushing the vaccine on children, as Vox Day states:

“It is completely unconscionable, and should be illegal, to advocate or administer Covid vaccines to young adults and children.”

Footage from two days ago of a schoolboy collapsing at Olympic Stadium after having had the vaccine, the fact that parents were not allowed in, and the fact that they want to do this to 24,000 schoolchildren over the next few weeks is serious cause for alarm.

This boy was one of at least three children who collapsed on the first day, two of whom are or were in comas. Vox Day has commented on this too:

“At this point, I think we can safely assume that China will annex Australia any time it wants. If Australians won’t even defend their children from being injected with an experimental gene therapy from which they can’t possibly benefit, they certainly aren’t going to offer even a modicum of resistance to the Red Army.”

Here is further footage demonstrating our complete inability to protect our children. These kids are pepper sprayed and arrested for not wearing masks while shopping.

One must wonder if our government’s construction of Centres for National Resilience around the country and the introduction of literal Vaccine Passports are merely in preparation for the Chinese takeover.