RUBBER BULLETS: Heavily armed police fire on Peaceful Protesters in Melbourne

It is claimed that this guy was aiming at people’s heads.

Thousands of peaceful protesters have descended upon Melbourne’s CBD to protest against the ongoing lockdowns which could be dragged out until 2022.

Bourke Street was absolutely packed.

As evident, the crowd was huge, peaceful and happy.

Although it was a lot, lot more than 1000.

However, things turned violent when a heavily armed police trap was sprung at the corner of Flinders Street and Swanston Street. Heavily armed police carrying submachineguns and rifles awaited protesters.

Outside the iconic Young and Jackson Hotel, police fired rubber bullets at protesters.

Here a Victoria Police Officer gees up his men before they assault protesters.

Victoria Police have also singled out and brutalised individual protesters.

Thrillingly, protesters were able to break police lines.

By all accounts the peaceful protesters’ numbers continue to swell.

Here is a livestream from Neil Erikson on the day’s shenanigans:

The XYZ will continue to provide updates throughout the day.

UPDATE: Freedom protesters appear to have broken police lines outside State Parliament.

CONFIRMED: Protesters did indeed break police lines outside State Parliament, however they ran in completely the wrong direction.

IMMORTALISED: How good is the guy with the Eureka flag.

And Ryan Fletcher has obliged:

UPDATE: Here is aerial footage of the initial clash at Flinders Street Station.