Northern Territory Chief Minister’s family flees home after he threatened to destroy people’s lives


Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner made international headlines with his astounding announcement last week that anybody whose job involves any contact with the public must get the jab. No exceptions.

“You have 30 days.”

It was as though some random lizard person had written his speech and just told him to make it sound convincing. To the delight of every working class Australian, the man seems utterly perplexed as to why Territorians have taken it rather badly:

Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner says his wife and son had to flee their home over the weekend as anger over his vaccination rules hits fever pitch in the Top End.

Demonstrators yelled out Mr Gunner’s home address and threatened to attack him at a rally held in Darwin on Saturday — after the leader introduced some of the world’s toughest mandate laws last week.

Mr Gunner told Sky News Australia he was extremely worried about his wife and son’s safety.

“The priority was obviously people knew where we lived, it was at a rally it was on the internet, you had no idea who was watching and my clear instinct was obviously don’t be at the house, the advice we received was don’t be at the house and so Kristy and Hudson got out of the house,” he said.

It’s understood the NT police Territory Response Group was sent to patrol Mr Gunner’s house on Saturday night, but the Chief Minister would not comment on the security details.

“I think people understand for good reasons I can’t provide details on what the security precautions are or have been to make people safe,” he said.

“We don’t want people knowing how we’re making sure that myself and my family are safe but obviously precautions had to be taken because of the threats that were made and my address was given out – and not just given out, people were encouraged to go to my house.”

Police say at least 1000 people were at Saturday’s rally, while organisers believe up to 3000 people attended.

Okay, how do I put this mildly?

Michael Gunner literally threatened to destroy the lives of any resident of the Northern Territory who refuses to take a dangerous vaccine just so they can keep their job, feed their family and keep a roof over their head. He even threatened that anybody who tried to find a way around having their livelihood destroyed without having to take a poisonous vaccine would be fined $5000.

What is most surprising is that something like this hasn’t happened earlier in Australia during this so-called “pandemic”.

When this is all over, every Federal, State and Territory leader, government minister and key official will spend the rest of their lives in prison. As for Mr Gunner’s family, they will be sued for every penny they have.

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