It’s started. They are forcibly putting people in camps. It is happening now.

The Northern Territory’s Chief Minister Michael Gunner is using the panic of a Covid outbreak in “remote communities”, ie aboriginal communities, to justify using the army to forcibly place people who test positive to Covid in the delightfully named “Centre for National Resilience” at Howard Springs.

You see how this works?

  • Spend decades pretending to care about the plight of “vulnerable”, “marginalised” groups.
  • Construct a Techno-Marxist Nanny State under the pretext of advancing the interests of said “vulnerable”, “marginalised” groups.
  • When the pre-planned “pandemic” arrives, justify the harshest lockdown in the world in order to protect said “vulnerable”, “marginalised” groups.

We are now here:

  • Use the army to force “positive” Covid cases into camps.

What happens next:

  • Wait for the backlash of useful idiots complaining that removing said “vulnerable”, “marginalised” groups into camps is “racist”.
  • Freely admit you were wrong.
  • Use the precedent to send anybody, anywhere, to a camp if they test “positive” to Covid.

Or even:

  • Send “vaccinated” people who question any aspect of your agenda to the camps:

You have to marvel at the irony. The only reason the elites pretended to care for aborigines was so they could use their plight as a pretext to quite literally wipe out all opposition. Gunner practically drapes himself in the aboriginal flag, too.

It’s genius.

James Fox Higgins can see the situation for what it is:

Let’s see how much Black Lives Matter to the left in Australia right now. Plenty of respect given to the indigenous peoples in the communities I move in, and we all just want to be left alone to continue to thrive in our local communities as we ever have.

Looks likes the Satanic Colonialists are trying to finish off the genocide of the Aboriginal peoples. Those of us who will write the history of this time will not look kindly on the men and women perpetrating this horrific crime.

Adam Piggott has also analysed the situation very clearly. We are now at Stage 7:

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