Victoria Police are going to Kill Somebody


Another video has emerged of police brutality in Melbourne. This time it is of a black clad officer bashing a detainee in the back, possibly the spine, with the point of his rifle.

Yesterday we witnessed footage of a man being slung from behind face first into the hard Flinders Street Station floor.

On Saturday an elderly lady was pepper sprayed, pushed to the ground breaking her hip, then pepper sprayed again.

These disturbing incidents are merely the latest and the most violent. A pattern of escalating violence in Melbourne is emerging as police become more erratic and ideological.

So what is going on here?

Police in Victoria are becoming increasingly violent because the government and the media are letting it happen. In the post-WW2 order the winner is pure, the loser is the devil. The coronavirus is the most deadly threat known to man (sorry Greta) and anybody who opposes the State’s efforts to protect everybody from it is the equivalent of a mass murderer.

This alone justifies any treatment of them. The media rush out stories about tradies kicking dogs or anti-vaxxers abusing families in a park to soften the blow, but the logic of “nobody is safe until everybody is safe” is that you can do literally anything to someone who is deemed to be endangering public health. They are literally beating people for their health.

Thus there is currently no oversight for Victorian police. They have been given complete licence by a Regime determined to push through its Covid Agenda, and they face no scrutiny of their actions from the Lying Press, so there are currently no bounds to their violence.

An eye-gouging from VicPol this week is like a lollypop. The use of rubber bullets and tear gas is “the new normal”, the S.O.G. is in operation and calls are being made for water cannons.

It is the flip side of last year’s BLM and Antifa terrorist riots. The media took the side of the perpetrators and police became too scared to so much as confront a black criminal. Without any constraints on their actions, BLM violence escalated out of comtrol. Arson became rampant, they took over city blocks and pulled motorists from their cars. Scores were murdered in the riots themselves and hundreds or even thousands have died in the crime wave that resulted from police effectively pulling out of black neighbourhoods.

Also this.

What this means here in Melbourne is that nothing is going to stop the escalation of police violence. Eventually someone is going to die at their hands. When they do, if the Lying Press are allowed to cover the story they will blame the victim and run stories about social media opinion being divided on the matter.

If they kill an Anglo they will probably get away with it, but given the “diverse” demographic both of Melbourne and the pro-Freedom crowds it is highly likely they will kill someone from a background which possesses a lower average IQ, lower average impulse control, and absolutely zero socially engineered historical guilt.

If they do, all bets are off.

Another set of factors is worth considering. Both sides are adjusting their tactics to changing circumstances. In response to police disruption of communications and infiltration of Freedom Rally groups, protesters are learning the art of deception. Police are skilfully employing Hannibal-tier tactics while protesters are learning that if they advance as one they can break police lines. The Battle of the Shrine demonstrates that both sides understand the importance of symbology, while the occupation of the West Gate Bridge shows the Freedom movement’s first inkling of the importance of seizing vital infrastructure.

To spell it out, we are already seeing the use of military tactics on both sides. The same can be said of overall strategy, with both sides setting in for a war of attrition while attempting to win over the hearts and minds of the population.

Melbourne is already at war, just without real bullets.