Three Inmates Escape Howard Springs Gulag


The Centre of National Resilience turned out to be not so….. resilient:

Three people who allegedly absconded from a Northern Territory COVID-19 quarantine facility near Darwin have been found and arrested.

Police said the trio jumped the fence at the Centre for National Resilience about 4.30am on Wednesday and fled – sparking a widespread search.

They were found about six hours later and taken into custody.

All three returned negative virus tests on Tuesday, an NT Police spokesman said…

The incident came days after a man in his 20s escaped the facility at the weekend. He jumping into a waiting car and heading to Darwin’s nightlife area.

The XYZ has obtained exclusive footage of the moment one of the escapees was recaptured just inches away from crossing the border into Switzerland:

It is understood he will remain in the cooler for at least a month.

As the so-called pandemic drags on, serious incidents are increasing in frequency across Australia’s broad Covid compliance infrastructure. Yesterday a worker at a Covid testing clinic in Collingwood was injured in a hit-and-run car attack, while there was another incident at a testing clinic in Melbourne’s north. Last week several units at a Covid quarantine hotel in Cairns were set ablaze, and a Covid testing clinic in Sydney was burnt to the ground in September.

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