Daniel Andrews can’t show his face in public


If you can’t show your face in public, what does that say about you?

Daniel Andrews had to be whisked away by car under police guard today in Bendigo. Protesters were waiting for him, chanting slogans such as “Sack Dan Andrews” and “Kill the Bill”. They also called him scum.

Apparently he was supposed to do a doorstop interview but thought better of it.

He will doubtless be rewarded by his globalist masters after his tenure ruling the “jurisdiction” of Victoria is over. However, if ever he displeases them or has the misfortune to be cut off from their protection, the guy will never be able to work another day in his life in Victoria. Nobody who recognises him would let him work for them, let alone throw him some scraps.

The same goes for Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton and Victoria’s Chief Contact Tracer, the appropriately named Jeroen Weimar:

“You fucken rat dogs”.

This is incredible footage. Anger in Australia is boiling over. The Chief Minister of the Northern Territory and the Premier of Western Australia have both had recent security scares. A suspicious package was sent to Daniel Andrews’ electoral office last week. Two days ago a man with a recurve bow was arrested on the steps of Victoria’s parliament. Cross benchers are getting used condoms sent to them in the mail.

It turns out, shooting peaceful protesters in the back at the Shrine of Remembrance, pepper spraying old ladies on the ground, slamming rifle butts into people’s spines, slamming people face first into the concrete and shooting rubber bullets at unarmed protesters at close range makes you hated throughout the state, regardless of how your lapdogs in the Lying Press frame the state violence

It doesn’t matter whether some of these recent security incidents, all of these incidents or none of these incidents are false flags, eventually something is going to happen and there isn’t a thing any of us can do about it.

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