Smartest Man In The World Says Zionist Bankers Are Genociding Whites


Chris Langan, the guy with the highest ever recorded IQ (195-210) is talking about The Great Replacement. But don’t just trust an appeal to authority, watch the video, courtesy of Keith Woods.

It is worth checking out Langan’s Twitter. It’s wild.

Langan references facts which are well documented by XYZ News:

  • All the White populations of Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand are being replaced.
  • This replacement is the deliberate policy of governments via mass immigration and multiculturalism.
  • Media and corporations reinforce this deliberate dilution of our genome through the promotion of miscegenation in films, TV and advertising.

  • Welfare policies encourage low IQ non-white populations to breed while oppressive taxation and regulation discourages high IQ Whites from starting families.
  • This is orchestrated, planned a century ago by jew Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, upon whose ideas the European Union’s immigration policies are based.
  • It also suits the desires of the Zionist bankers and their acolytes in the European nobility who want to mix all the races together, destroying ethnic diversity to create a slave race to serve a master race (basically the jews) who will live forever thanks to genetic engineering.

None of this is controversial. As the following Google search results show, if you think White replacement is a good thing, the Lying Press acknowledges that White replacement is real. If you think it is bad, suddenly it is a conspiracy theory.

As usual, the only question that remains is: What we are going to do about it?

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