PANDERING TO EXTREMISTS: Daniel Andrews criticises Scott Morrison for not capitulating to him enough


Some Freedom protesters made a hilarious joke last week involving Daniel Andrews and a government repair kit. Despite half a million Aussies marching without incident against vaccine mandates over the weekend, politicians and the Lying Press have been kvetching about it ever since.

Even though Scott Morrison has condemned the so-called “violence” of these peaceful protesters, because he attempted to empathise with the plight of Aussies who are sick of lockdowns, Daniel Andrews has accused him of “pandering to extremists”:

So, let’s run a quick tally of the hypocrisy-metre.

State Violence vs A Funny Joke

The so-called “pandemic” has been used for nearly two years as a pretext to commit an unprecedented wave of violence against the Australian people. Since March 2020 in Victoria alone, Victoria Police have:

  • Choked a girl for not wearing a mask.
  • Kneeled on a woman’s head.
  • Arrested a pregnant mother in her home for a Facebook post.
  • Knocked down the door of a protest organiser.
  • Pulled a woman out of her own car for not wearing a facemask.
  • Invaded a fruit market.
  • Harassed old ladies sitting on a park bench and stolen their phones.
  • Harassed a pregnant woman resting on a park bench.
  • Harassed protest organisers in the middle of the night.
  • Arrested political dissidents.
  • Broken the collarbone of protest leader Nick Patterson.
  • Arrested a Christian Pastor for holding a church service.
  • Repeatedly fired rubber bullets at close range on unarmed peaceful protesters.
  • Broken an old lady’s hip then sprayed her with pepper spray after they pushed her over.
  • Slammed an unarmed man face first into the concrete.
  • Defiled the Shrine of Remembrance.
  • Slammed the point of a rifle into a man’s spine.
  • Deployed cavalry to run down peaceful protesters.

This is just what I can remember off the top of my head. If the lockdown had continued much longer it is very likely that Victoria Police would have murdered someone. Far from receiving pushback, they were given free rein by both the government and the Lying Press to brutalise ordinary Victorians at will. Some gallows humour is barely a blip on the radar compared to this.

The lockdowns were extreme, the violence of Victoria Police was extreme, and the power-grab by Daniel Andrews was and still is extreme.

Comparison of BLM Riot Coverage to Peaceful Freedom Protests

When the Lying Press lied about the death of a violent rapist during his lawful arrest in 2020 and blew it up out of all proportion, it triggered months of riots. Dozens were killed, hundreds were wounded, billions of dollars of damage was done to small businesses and the cultural genocide of White Americans was accelerated by the destruction of hundreds of statues.

The Lying Press famously referred to the Marxist extremists of bLM and Antifa as “mostly peaceful protesters”:

Kyle Rittenhouse was one of many who tried to protect business owners’ property. He was attacked in an FBI-coordinated hit, but he fought back and lived. He was prosecuted for surviving, was acquitted, and blacks and Antifa have promptly rioted again. There has even been a terrorist attack by a bLM supporter against a White Christmas Parade which the Lying Press is doing everything it can to ignore.

In contrast, hundreds of thousands of Australians have been protesting against lockdowns and vaccine mandates for nearly two years, with almost no retaliation against unprecedented police brutality. Yet a few people make a joke about the French Revolution and they get labelled “extremists”.

Seems legit.

Scott Morrison has repeatedly capitulated to Daniel Andrews

After being forced to back down from his pledge to make Covid vaccines as mandatory as he could make it, Scott Morrison skilfully passed the buck to state governments and the private sector to construct a plethora of overlapping directions, decrees, bylaws, mandates, suggestions and strong requests to make the dangerous vaccines %100 mandatory in all but name.

As noted by XYZ News, they have pretended to squabble while backing each other up on the fundamentals.

The Federal Coalition is currently doing everything it can to quash a revolt by several of its senators who are supporting a private member’s bill to end the vaccine mandates. In other words, in very real, tangible terms Scott Morrison is actively defending the policy he is publicly signalling against. He is actively supporting Daniel Andrews while publicly flogging him with wet lettuce. If he was serious about advancing the interests of ordinary Australians who have had a “gutfull” he would have introduced the legislation to override the states himself.

Understanding this context we see that the salvos fired from each side are merely theatre.

The Lying Press is Pretending that Liberal and Labor are Different

The Lying Press is just going along with all this, pretending that a chasm exists between the Liberal Prime Minister and the Labor Premier when none exists at all. As stated, if Scott Morrison was serious about looking out for working class Australians his government would not have gone to such great lengths to distance itself from a bill which could actually do something meaningful for us.

All Morrison is doing is saying he feels sorry for us while the Premiers shoot us in the guts. He also reinforces the notion that so-called “extremists” are involved in the Freedom Movement and must be stopped. As XYZ News’ reporting today has shown, the federal government and the states, the Coalition and Labor, and all the mainstream news outlets are all on the same side. They pretend to barrack for different segments of Australian society while working together to advance the goals of the elites.

Nothing much has changed throughout the millennia.

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