Justice in Melbourne: Policeman who committed Flinders St Station Assault SUSPENDED


Every time you watch, comment on or share a video of police brutality in Melbourne, you do your bit to ensure justice awaits the perpetrators. This video of a policeman viciously slinging a man face first into the Flinders Street Station floor went viral.

So many people saw it, and were rightly outraged by it, that the Lying Press had to take notice. This caused a headache for police command, so they have to make it look like they are doing something about it:

A Victoria Police officer has been suspended from duty as police investigate a video of a man being slammed to the ground during an arrest at a Melbourne train station during last week’s protests.

The video, which began circulating on social media on Thursday, appears to show a police officer approaching a man, who is talking to other officers, and tackling him to the ground at Flinders Street Station.

A loud noise can be heard as the man hits the station’s tiled floor.

That was his face you senseless coward.

According to Victoria Police, the video was filmed last Wednesday.

“Victoria Police continues to investigate an incident filmed at Flinders Street Station on 22 September and shared on social media,” police said this afternoon.

“An acting sergeant from a specialist Support Unit has since been suspended as a result of early enquiries.”

Good. Keep the pressure on, and turn up the volume. Other police officers in Melbourne need to face the consequences of their actions, for example the officers who pepper sprayed an old lady, pushed her over breaking her hip, then pepper sprayed her again.

The officer who slammed the point of his rifle into the back of a detainee who was already on the ground.

The police who opened fire with rubber bullets on the Shrine of Remembrance, and the superiors who made the decision.

The police who opened fire on peaceful protesters at close range with rubber bullets at the Melbourne Freedom Rally in August.

The officers who sat on a man for having a cigarette just down the road from his own house in St Kilda.

The list is long. Above all, the commanders responsible for the attitude of their subordinates toward the public must face the consequences of allowing the violence of Victoria Police to get completely out of hand, and out of all proportion to what amounts to minor misdemeanours against illegal laws.

From there, the politicians who tell the police commanders what orders to give to their subordinates must face the consequences.

If at all possible, the people telling our politicians what to do may one day face the consequences. More will be written on that tomorrow.

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