VicPol DISLOCATE shoulder of anti-lockdown campaigner Nick Patterson


This footage needs to be shared far and wide. Victoria Police broke Nick Patterson’s shoulder yesterday.

Victoria Police are thugs and they are human scum. Now that we have these facts established, let’s analyse what happened in this video.

Nick Patterson is an expert on Common Law and has been a lynchpin in the anti-lockdown movement here in Victoria. I understand very little of Common Law and likely differ on a few things politically with Nick, but I have a great deal of respect for Nick and I enjoyed speaking with him last year on The Uncuckables.

The first section of the video, taken yesterday, Saturday 29 May, shows Nick and a group of anti-lockdown protestors being unlawfully detained by up to one hundred Victoria Police officers on the corner of Dudley Street and King Street, next to Flagstaff Gardens just outside Melbourne’s CBD.

The number of officers is utterly insane.

They were arranged in phalanx formation.

Even the cavalry arrived.

Patterson calmly explained the law to the purported officer of the law. He repeated two key points to the officer. I don’t know if the short summary below is completely accurate, but I dare say I understand it better than the officer in question:

  • We are only required to provide our name and address to a police officer if an offense has been committed.
  • Suspicion of having caused an offence is not grounds for demanding a name and address by a police officer.
  • Police officers have the right to enforce the law regardless of the dictates of their commanding officers or of the government. This is literally how we avoid a dictatorship.

While Nick Patterson attempted to educate the police officer his cameraman systematically took the names and badge numbers of as many police officers as he could.

There were too many to get the names of all of them.

Talk about overkill.

Mr Plod 1 was eventually relieved by Mr Plod 2, who refused to engage with Patterson’s explanation of the law and appeared to make up his own rules. He told Patterson and the group of patriots opposing the lockdown that they would be given 5 minutes to disperse. If they did not do so they would be arrested.

The group then made their way down King Street toward La Trobe Street. A wall of officers blocked their path, forcing them around a Public Order Response van onto King Street.

Once on the road police told them to get off the road, a trap which appeared designed to engineer the situation so that the Lying Press cameras, who were waiting in ambush, could present a skewed version of events that evening.

The second section of the video shows the group being harassed as they made their way home. As they were walking north up Capel Street toward Victoria Street a police shield wall again forced them to alter their path, and police officers needlessly yelled at them to back off, even though they were trying to leave the area.

Finally as they were walking west down Victoria Street toward Errol Street in North Melbourne, the KGB made their move. A column of officers overtook them on the other (southern) side of the road.

Once in a position to surround them they altered their course north, crossed the road and moved in with pepper spray, batons and horses.

In the ensuing assault Victoria Police dislocated Nick Patterson’s arm, used George Floyd style knee chokes and beat up the innocent civilians.

The video has been viewed around 20,000 times. The comments are full of praise for Patterson and his crew, and scathing of Victoria Police’s conduct:

Three key points from this video:

  • Victoria Police are escalating their thuggery in 2021. In 2020 they were menacing and at times violent, choking a little girl in the street, attacking a fruit market, breaking down people’s doors, detaining a pregnant mother, and arresting grandparents. Within the space of a couple of weeks VicPol have now broken Thomas Sewell’s hand and Nick Patterson’s shoulder.
  • The Victorian Regime is deliberately targeting the leadership of all grassroots opposition groups, whether nationalist or anti-lockdown. This includes harassment, imprisonment and outright assault.
  • Common Law is a powerful tool against limited numbers of police officers who are actually prepared to follow the law.

However, against overwhelming numbers of politically motivated police who are prepared to use illegal force against law abiding citizens, common law is useless.

The only thing which can remove the overwhelming force of the Weimar Victorian Regime is even more overwhelming force.