Brave Victorian Police Officer Valiantly Chokes Little Girl To Save Grandma


You have to understand, we have to do this because if people don’t wear masks, all our grandparents will die from the Diversity Flu.

Because we’re all in this together. This is for the greater good. Choking little girls keeps us together.

Do it for her.

From 7 News:

Footage of Victoria Police arresting a woman for not wearing a face-covering on a Melbourne Street has gone viral on social media.

On Monday afternoon, the young woman appeared to be approached by two police officers on Wellington Street in Collingwood.

She was arrested, believed to be for not wearing a mask, which is in breach of the Chief Health Officers orders under Stage 4.

The woman appears to resist as the male officer grabs her and she is pushed against a wall.

“You’re choking me,” she yells and repeatedly swears at the officer.

What a racist. Doesn’t she know only black people can use the “I can’t breathe” line? That’s cultural appropriation. Black people and their white Marxist allies should peacefully protest over such rank insensitivity from a white supremacist.

“What the f*** are you doing to me? What have I done? What have I done?”

The woman’s friend who filmed the arrest tells the officers she has a medical exemption for not wearing a mask.

After the officer holds the woman to the ground for a few minutes more police arrive and she is handcuffed.

Remember, this is for grandma. Oh wait.

From nEwS.cOm:

The coronavirus is particularly lethal among older patients and has had already had devastating impacts in aged care homes in other states.

Prof McLaws pointed to the experience at Newmarch House in NSW, where about 50 per cent of the 37 residents who got infected, died.

“It’s very tough,” Prof McLaws said. “But that was in a small facility so you can’t necessarily assume this is going to happen again.”

However, figures from overseas showed the death rate in aged care facilities could be anywhere from 25 to 62 per cent, she said.

So far about 12 per cent of Victorian aged care residents infected with the coronavirus had died.

“Sadly it could go higher,” Prof McLaws said. “It could be twice as high.”

Victoria’s outbreak has seen 1061 residents in at least 122 aged care homes infected with the coronavirus, and 125 of these have died, she said. These numbers don’t include staff or other cases linked to aged care outbreaks.

“It’s just the sheer numbers … the case load is high,” Prof McLaws said.

She said at this point it was difficult to predict with any certainty how bad it would get without knowing what level of illness residents were experiencing and whether it was mild, moderate or severe.

We have destroyed the economy with one of the harshest lockdowns in the world and we are forcing everybody, at chokepoint, to wear a mask in public, under the pretext that we must protect our elders who are particularly vulnerable to the Diversity Flu. Yet the Diversity Flu has still been able to ravage its way through nursing homes.

That’s what you call a failure, and it brings the whole approach into question. Not that it will stop our enslavers. Melbourne is merely the blueprint.

It also lifts the lid on the fact that our society was demonically deformed before the Diversity Flu caused a reckoning. Nursing homes are where people send their elders to die. Old people are scared witless at the prospect of being sent to one, and most, frankly would rather die. The double abandonment is that a significant proportion of nursing home staff are foreigners. Not only are our elders not being looked after by their families, they are not even being looked after by our own people.

We abandon our young at so-called “childcare” centres (if we don’t kill them first) and we abandon our elders at these death factories. We do this because our women have been brainwashed by Marxist feminist propaganda into thinking they should have a career, and the ones who aren’t brainwashed have to work anyway because the cost of living has become too high in an era where politicians value GDP and ignore GDP per capita.

This alliance of communism and capitalism conspired to isolate families from each other even before this totalitarian lockdown was implemented.

Our elders lie in nursing homes they don’t want to be in, while the Australian and Victorian governments have shut down our economy under the pretext of protecting them while their corruption and incompetence has actually made them sitting ducks.

And that’s why we have to choke little girls in the street in broad daylight. To protect grandma.