Melbourne woman sets herself on fire because of vaccine mandate

The remains of the sign stating “NO ONE CARES, MANDATES ARE KILLING US” can be seen on the car.

A woman in Werribee has set herself alight in a protest/act of desperation against Victoria’s vaccine mandate.

From The Covid World:

AUSTRALIA – In a shocking incident, a Melbourne woman has tried to kill herself by pouring petrol over her car and setting herself alight while carrying a sign saying “NO ONE CARES, MANDATES ARE KILLING US”.

The woman parked her car, blocking off a road in Cherry St, Werribee, a suburb in Victoria, and poured 4 cans of petrol over herself before placing the sign containing her written plea in the window of her car. Police attended and tried to talk her down, but she ultimately set herself on fire after telling the police she had “nothing left”.

The condition of the woman is currently unknown and the mainstream Australian media has yet to cover the incident. However, video from Wyndham News Australia shows the aftermath of the fire, with the sign containing the woman’s desperate plea plainly visible for all to see.

Witnesses have confirmed the incident on Facebook and the story is currently gaining some serious traction online, making it an open question of whether the mainstream Australian news outlets will be forced to cover the incident.

Here are some screenshots of people posting about the incident on social media:

Daniel Andrews was told in 2020 that 10 percent of all suicides in Victoria are lockdown-related. In 2021, serious Covid related incidents are exploding across Australia.

Last week, Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner revealed that he and his family had received death threats, and last month he had to move his family after threats were made online. Last month Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan has received death threats, while Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews’ electoral office shut down after receiving a suspicious package. He was also forced to make a hasty exit from a Bendigo university, and a man was arrested on the steps of Victorian Parliament carrying some kind of high powered bow.

Last week a Covid marshal was pushed down an escalator in Melbourne’s CBD. In the last fortnight there was an escape from the Howard Springs Covid Gulag; a worker at a Covid testing clinic in Collingwood was injured in a hit-and-run car attack, while there was another incident at a testing clinic in Melbourne’s north; and several units at a Covid quarantine hotel in Cairns were set ablaze. A Covid testing clinic in Sydney was also burnt to the ground in September.

This level of violence has been normalised over the last 20 months, as Victoria Police routinely inflict disgusting brutality on unarmed, peaceful protesters and arrest people for their social media posts.

Hundreds of thousands of Australians have been marching against vaccine mandates through capital cities every weekend for well over a month. This indicates that a strong proportion of Australians are against the Covid Tyranny agenda, contradicting the narrative of governments and the Lying Press.

With ordinary people becoming more desperate, and huge momentum building behind groups opposed to vaccine mandates, the situation in Australia is likely to escalate.

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