Thomas Sewell is free

Do you hear something…

Thomas Sewell has today been released from prison and is now on bail. The Melbourne County Court judge heard arguments for and against bail from the defence and prosecution on Monday, and made his decision today.

Sewell’s lawyer made the solid case that no positive identification linking him to the alleged incident existed; he had yet to give evidence, evidence which is highly likely to contradict the narrative presented by the prosecution; and the matter for which he was on bail at the time of the alleged incident had a strong chance of being dismissed on the grounds of self defence.

The prosecution made two bizarre arguments in response. Firstly, Sewell’s knowledge that the White race is being replaced was presented as delusional and “grandiose”, with the suggestion that it would incite him to attack random members of the public. Because this perceived danger from Sewell was based on “ideology” rather than a treatable “illness” such as drug or alcohol dependency, it was argued there was no way of keeping him under control.

Secondly, the very real physical danger posed by Antifa to anybody who publicly opposes White replacement was presented as a “perceived” threat, which again would incite him to attack random members of the public. This is despite a long list of verifiable acts of violence for political purposes, ie terrorism, by Antifa, the most notorious recent example being the unprovoked and coordinated attack on Kyle Rittenhouse in 2020.

In a rare show of logic from modern Victoria’s legal system, these spurious arguments were rejected and Sewell was granted bail. He had initially been jailed without trial for his political beliefs despite extremely poor evidence against him, and his committal hearing revealed a cover up of evidence of the involvement of multiple intelligence agencies being involved in the vicinity of the alleged incident.

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