Both Liberal and Labor back Covid Tyranny: Why the entire system must go


An article in the Lying Press on Labor’s tacit approval for a vaccine passport for the pub demonstrates why both political parties are traitors to the Australian people.

Fro the Lying Press:

The federal opposition appears to be backing proof of vaccination requirements for access to places such as pubs and restaurants, but only once every Australian has been offered the shot.

The issue is likely to spark a showdown within the government party room, with libertarians arguing it infringes on personal freedoms.

But Labor health spokesman Mark Butler said the national discussion about coronavirus restrictions would soon shift to how people would be rewarded for rolling up their sleeves.

“I think that’s where we’re headed,” Mr Butler told the ABC’s Insiders program.

“The precondition to it, of course, is that everyone has access to a vaccine.”

Labor are framing the forced mass vaccination of the Australian people as an issue of “access”. It is a cynical use of the already cynical language of equity to push slavery just a little bit more down Aussies’ throats,

Still in Australia, too many people who want a vaccine can’t get one. These are supply problems that go back to poor decisions by Scott Morrison last year.

“But once everyone does have access, although it is a choice whether or not you get vaccinated, there will be consequences to your choice.”

Mr Butler argued further work needed to be done to ensure government computer systems were up to scratch, and that vaccination certificates were protected from digital forgery.

“There are already widespread reports of people’s vaccinations not being uploaded onto their register,” he said.

“This is going to be very critical, not only to get access to go to a pub for example — but if this is a condition of getting into an aged care facility to see your mum, or getting into a hospital to see one of your loved ones [who has had] a car crash, then this is very serious.”

They are framing vaccine passports which are only just now coming into force, and which were last year dismissed as a conspiracy theory, as merely an issue of digital security. Presenting the totalitarianism to come into force over the next months as a fait accompli, and pretending that they are already focused on making that totalitarianism just a little bit fairer.

The so-called “federal opposition” is nothing of the sort. It is carte blanche giving the government approval to increase its level of control over our lives while pretending to distinguish itself from the government, again by its use of cynical language presenting Labor as concerned for the welfare of Aussies.

The clincher is in seeing how state premiers, whether Liberal or Labor, are also increqsing the level of government control over our lives:

New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian said getting vaccinated was a personal choice.

“That is OK, but do not expect to have the same freedoms as vaccinated people,” she said.

“We are all subject to choice and if you want to move around more freely and enjoy the things we have been denied, get vaccinated.”

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews agreed.

“The time is coming when your vaccination status matters,” he said.

It must be remembered that democracy isn’t simply broken, it was a lie fro the very beginning. Furthermore, Australia’s politicians have betrayed the Australian people they are supposed to represent us. They are deliberately replacing us via mass migration and the policy of multiculturalism.

This should be kept in mind when preparing for Aussie Revolution Day this Tuesday, 31 August.

As already stated, it is great that people are no longer sitting on their couches waiting for somebody else to do something. The anti-lockdown rallies keep growing, and the truckie strike could escalate into a nation-wide general strike.

The key will be to keep pushing for more fundamental change.