Australian Government to provide Vacinne Compo after too many noticings


It’s been a curious timeline since Victor Dominello got a droopy eye on August 19.

One prominent pawn has a possible adverse reaction – Bell’s Palsy – and you can laugh it off with a few pirate jokes.


Then on August 26, Channel 7 journalist and producer Denham Hitchcock shared a picture to Instagram from his hospital bed warning people of the dangers of adverse reactions to the Covid vaccine.

The photo went viral, with over 50,000 “likes” to date:

I’ve battled over whether to send this post from hospital or not.

He is aware that there is significant pressure on people who suffer adverse reactions to Covid vaccines to not tell their stories.

But decided after 27 years of being a journalist who’s primary goal is to discover the truth – it would be hypocritical not to.

disclaimer first – I’m NOT anti vax. But I’m really not pro vax either. I’m pro choice – and pro information to make that choice.

above all I’m PRO opening the bloody country up and to do that I don’t see any way around getting the majority of Australia vaccinated.

So I got the Pfizer shot.

The first week was like any vaccine. Feeling off.

But nearing the end of the second week my heart started to race, I was getting pins and needles in the arms, extreme fatigue and a very strange sensation of dizziness. I took nurofen, and I kept working.

By the end of the third week i was getting steadily worse – sharp chest pain – cold shivers and chills – and the dizziness was intense.

25 days after the shot and probably a little late to hospital – but here I am – diagnosed with pericarditis – or inflammation of the heart due to the Pfizer vaccine.

It is possible that the narrative that the vaccines are safe is preventing people from getting timely treatment.

Since being here I’ve contacted health professionals I know in Sydney and while It’s rare – it’s certainly not isolated. One hospital has had well over a dozen cases like me.

This is not a post for sympathy – the hospital and staff at the Gold Coast uni hospital have been beyond great and although it’s all new territory I’m told I’ll make a full recovery although I could be like this for months.

Thankfully I have the worlds smallest nurse keeping an eye on my ever present ECG.

But my present thought would be – in the current vaccine frenzy, no one is talking about this but it’s clearly happening – and if you want the vaccine and have any heart history it would be worth talking to your GP about your vaccine choice, especially as AZ is readily available and does not have this side effect.

If you don’t want the vaccine – i don’t have a problem with that either – but life and travel will get difficult for you.

The only thing for me that’s dead certain – if they don’t open Australia up when we reach their milestone of 70% – then there will be a lot more people marching in the street. You want the trust ? Keep your damn promise.

You can’t have somebody in the establishment telling too much truth to the little people. It seems to have been a step too far for the government. Aware that vaccine manufacturers are not required to provide compensations for people who suffer – or die – from the vaccines, and the fact that this may cause too many people to ask too many uncomfortable questions, the Regime has stepped up.

From the Lying Press:

Australians who suffer adverse effects from Covid-19 vaccines will have quick access to compensation, Health Minister Greg Hunt says, while medical professionals will be protected from claims under the federal government’s no fault scheme.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the scheme after an emergency national cabinet meeting in late June as concerns mounted about the slow pace of the vaccine rollout and cases of the highly infectious Delta variant rose.

Mr Hunt provided details on Saturday, saying the scheme would provide Australians who suffered a moderate to significant adverse reaction and loss of income with an alternative administrative option to a complex and costly court process.

It will apply to any Therapeutic Goods Administration-approved vaccine delivered through a federal government-approved program anywhere in Australia and will administered by Services Australia from September 6, but backdated to February.

Mr Hunt said it would be a simple and swift process, covering the costs of injuries above $5000 due to a proven adverse reaction, with claims assessed by independent experts and compensation paid based on their recommendations.

“Side effects, or adverse events, from COVID-19 vaccinations can occur, but most are mild and last no longer than a couple of days,” the Minister said.

“Serious and life-threatening side effects are very rare, but it is important that we provide a safety net to support those affected.

“It also ensures that health professionals administering vaccines will be able to continue with their crucial role in the vaccine roll out, with assurance that the claims scheme will offer them protection.”

The Insurance Council of Australia welcomed the announcement, saying it provided in-principle assurance that legal risks for health professionals and related businesses involved in administering the jab had been identified and addressed.

This is basically GFC2. The taxpayer, ie you, is being forced to bare the financial cost if you get sick from the vaccine you have been forced to take while its makers get rich.

Analysis of the raw data demonstrates that you are more likely to suffer an adverse reaction from the not-vaccine than get sick of covid. Furthermore, if you have been vaccinated you are more likely to die with Covid in your system than if you have not been vaccinated.

The globalist Regime is doing everything it can to play down adverse reactions. This has resulted in people’s adverse reactions being incorrectly diagnosed, delaying their treatment and recovery.

The scary thing is that a continuation of the high rate of adverse reactions to the vaccines for a virus which has a 99.9% survival rate is actually the best case scenario.

Refreshingly, more and more people are taking a stand. In Australia, what started as a truckie dispute over mandatory vaccination for so-called “essential workers” to enter Queensland, is quickly escalating into a nation-wide strike planned for this Tuesday, August 31.

You can go to Karen Brewer Bush Telegraph News here, and Australia Freedom Rally Updates here for more updates.

Obviously, voting in a new set of snakes is not going to solve the problem and democracy is not the solution. However, seeing people who until very recently would have been normies coming together to demand a new government is a lot better than everyone staying at home, getting the jab and eating their bugs.

One can only hope enough people follow the white rabbit.