Never saw it coming: Victorian lockdown Extended AGAIN


To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Victoria’s lockdown has been extended yet again by Premier Daniel Andrews.

From the Lying Press:

“Obviously with almost 100 cases today, where many of them remain mysteries, many of them were out in the community during their infectious period, it is not going to be possible for us to open up our Victorian community in just a couple of days’ time,” Mr Andrews said.

He said the government had not yet received advice “as to what is possible, what is safe” from the Chief Health Officer, but would let the community know as soon as possible.

They haven’t even bothered to name an end date, making it less likely that former Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett’s prediction that the lockdown will last until 2022 is mere conjecture.

In another sign of Australia’s growing totalitarianism, Daniel Andrews has felt more comfortable expressing his disdain for democracy.

The irony is that those who oppose the lockdown and the broader Australian government policy of demographic replacement are derided as “anti-democratic” by the Australian Regime. Meanwhile both sides of Australian politics, whether at the federal or state level, are in lockstep with each other on escalating Australia’s covid tyranny and only pretend to bicker over invented issues of “access” and fairness.

The lockdown has literally killed babies. Suicides by teenagers are soaring, the vaccines are more dangerous than the virus against which they are supposed to protect us, and authorities are even killing rescued dogs to prevent people from travelling to collect them.

The insanity is waking more and more Australians up to the fact that we need not only new political parties but a new system which transcends politics. The anti-lockdown rallies continue to swell, and a truckie strike to protest vaccine passports to enter Queensland has the potential to escalate into a full blown general strike.