Our politicians are scared of true democracy


These politicians talk about “democracy”, but they also want to stop us from sharing our views on telegram.

They don’t want us to have direct access to you, they don’t want you to have direct access to us.

They want their controlled media and themselves to act as a middle man for our ideas.

Where they can control the narrative and tell the public what they want the public to hear.

They don’t believe in “democracy”, they are actually extremely frightened of a “true democracy” – a democracy where all voices are equally allowed.

They know that if the public are allowed to hear our ideas they will eventually agree with them.

That is because we represent the true reality of all things, whilst the system represents a false reality of all things.

The system and its security services has the impossible job of “keeping the peace” within a further dividing society.

They preach that “diversity is our greatest strength”, when in fact diversity of peoples creates diversity of interests, which creates division.

This division can not be healed and is only getting larger. The system is targeting us because we are pointing out this irreparable division.

As White Australian men we demand a free White Australia and will stop at nothing less.

We will not be replaced.

Hail Hitler!

Originally posted to Telegram on April 29 2021.