Is that Daniel Andrews’ body double?


The other day, Daniel Andrews’ wife (apparently) posted a photo of her giving her husband a haircut on her social media account.

It just looked suss. Why did she cover his eyes? The man who had hogged television screens for a year suddenly just disappears, amid rumours of an impending industrial manslaughter charge for 800+ coronavirus deaths and allegations of an inappropriate advance on a 17 year old girl, and you don’t show his eyes?

Another photo has emerged of the purported premier, but it has done little to quell the rumour mill.

Doesn’t really look like him, does it? It just makes the suspicious that little bit more suspicious. There’s a reason we call him the Peking Duck.

It has coincided with a public statement from Ambulance Victoria about their rescue of the poor Premier on March 9:

They’re scrambling.

People want answers, the Victorian opposition has labelled the situation a cover up – that is a really big deal:

Thus the government is pulling some serious favours.

However as I said yesterday, these rumours could very well just be rumours. There is a simpler explanation for why the photo of Daniel Andrews looks a little odd. He could very well look like someone who has been withered by three months of a gruelling recovery from a horrific spinal injury. His face looks like the face of someone who has been deformed by pain.

Again, I say good riddance.

Daniel Andrews has turned the once paradise that was Victoria into a totalitarian shithole. He made dodgy deals with the ambulance union, committed fraud and lied to the public about a freeway to get elected.

Even before the coronavirus lockdown his government passed some of the most extreme abortion child sacrifice, euthanasia elder abuse and diversity education perversion propaganda legislation in the world.

In conjunction with Victoria Police, the ABC and the Victorian judiciary he nearly succeeded in locking up the most senior Catholic in the country on false charges.

Victorian paramilitary police have colluded with antifa paramilitary and slackbastard terrorists to harass and bash ordinary Victorians who just want our country back, and the Victorian government had the audacity to try to charge conservative speakers for the privilege of being defended by their paramilitary police from their paid antifa terrorist paramilitaries.

Since the series of lockdowns have been initiated in Victoria under the pretext of protecting us from a virus with a 99.9% survival rate, the Victorian government has regularly sent out its paramilitary goons to brutalise anybody who publicly opposes the lockdown.

Tell yourself “I live in a free country” again.

The Victorian government is now holding hostage four political prisoners in the Melbourne Assessment Prison: NSN leader Thomas Sewell; Patriot activist Neil Erikson; Anti-Lockdown leader Nick Patterson; and Christian pastor Paul Furlong.

Victorians are being threatened with a permanent lockdown unless 70% of us inject poison into our bodies, and they are even “testing” the emergency response system in Melbourne’s CBD and essentially placing a standing army on the streets.

Victoria has become a nightmare and that is Daniel Andrews’ fault. If the rumours about him are true, I’m happy. If they’re not, I’m happy. He received some justice this year, and more is likely.