Thousands March for Freedom on Melbourne Cup Day


UPDATE: The majority of protesters were arrested. The number could be hundreds, possibly thousands. Police trapped protesters in cordons and refused to let them leave, then they picked them off one by one.

UPDATE: Media is now reporting that 400 were arrested. Andrew Bolt has gone off, saying Victoria police are out of control. Pathetically, fake news website SBS have claimed it was “at least a dozen”.

400 is an alarming number – I have never heard of anything like it in Australia – although not surprising given the predictions we have been making for Victoria. 

The Twitter page Rise Up Melbourne has been doing some good reporting on the latest Melbourne march against Dictator Dan’s insane lockdown of Melbourne.

A strong crowd is in attendance outside Victoria’s Parliament House at the T-intersection of Bourke Road and Spring Street.

However, Victoria Police have deliberately used cordons to keep the crowd from converging.

This is psychological warfare. Keep your enemy separated to give the impression that it is outnumbered, lowering morale and hindering its ability to reinforce weak spots.

Victoria Police are as usual using violence to further intimidate Victorians who just want their lives back.

Old mate choky was spotted too:

He also arrested pregnant mother Zoe Buhler and knocked down the door of James Bartolo in a dramatic dawn raid over a Facebook post.

Daniel Andrews has made a big song and dance about how we’re all free again, but so-called “Covid normal” regulations mean many small businesses are tied up in red tape, and ongoing restrictions on how many people are allowed in a venue make operating unsustainable.

Hence why momentum appears to be building in Victoria against the lockdown. This ties in with massive rallies in Europe against the lockdowns as winter comes to the northern hemisphere.

We are experiencing a casedemic, not a pandemic.

The coronavirus has barely made a dint on global death figures, while flu cases have mysteriously disappeared.

What is going on around the world is planned and coordinated.

A globalist faction associated with the World Economic Forum intends to implement worldwide communism under the banner of what it calls The Great Reset.

This is simply the latest chapter in a war which is thousands of years old.

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