Dance Monkey, Dance

Thomas Sewell defends his cameraman against a security guard who had assaulted the cameraman, outside a Channel 9 office in Melbourne, March 1, 2021.

Dance Monkey, Dance


Black monkey danced at his master’s command;

‘There’s a Nazi out there, go make a stand!’

Black Monkey obeyed ‘cause he thought that he would

Be paid in bananas, so he did what he should.


Swinging through the vines, he aped his way down

To get rid of this troublesome ‘Nazi clown’.

Once he’d done that, he’d retreat to his tree

And peel his bananas for afternoon tea.


Black monkey shrieked and bared all his teeth,

Till the sting of white supremacy did unto him bequeath

The knowledge that he should never, ever fewell

With a patriot nationalist called Tom Sewell!