Food for thought – Terrorism a trait of the Trots

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

XYZ readers will have to excuse my belated response to the protest at the Halal expo in Ascotvale on Sunday, as I’ve been recovering from head injuries acquired on the day by masked ANTIFA criminals.

Party for Freedom had organised to hold a peaceful ‘Stop Islamic Animal Cruelty’ Anti-Halal rally for some weeks prior to the expo. Patriots had arrived at the Melbourne Showgrounds on Epsom Road, Ascot Vale shortly before midday, gathering in an area near the roadside, roughly 150 metres away from the entrance gates to the Showgrounds main building.

Around 12:30pm a group of masked hoodlums wearing black clothes (ANTIFA) approached us from our left (facing outwardly to the road). As they neared us they ran up and began punching, kicking and beating patriots with sticks (to which patriots defended themselves accordingly).

Almost simultaneously more masked ANTIFA thugs came running in from the right-hand side (which I only became alerted to after they were nearly 5-10 meters away from me). They ran in, attempting to grab the banners, flags, signs and megaphones. When attempting to obstruct them from stealing our property, a ANTIFA thug cracked me in the face with a stick or pipe of some kind (which rendered me disorientated for a couple of minutes).

Fellow patriots came to my aid as a delayed response by police on horseback (located at the rear of the rally, less than 100 metres away) broke up the chaos. ANTIFA stole property and assaulted multiple patriots attending the rally.

I was later transported to the Royal Melbourne Hospital via ambulance.

Meanwhile in Melbourne’s CBD, Leftists marched under the fallacious banners of “anti-racism and anti-fascism” (put together by anarchists, socialists and communist cadres) in response to a banner that was raised at the Collingwood vs Richmond match on Friday which read “GO PIES! STOP THE MOSQUES” (considered to be the crime of the century by Eddie McGuire).

Food for thought.