Is that REALLY Daniel Andrews getting a haircut?


Daniel Andrews has released three photos since he (apparently) fell down the stairs and hurt his back.

Here he is in hospital.

Here he is being spoonfed by his wife.

And here he is getting a haircut from his wife. Apparently.

People have pointed out that his hairline is different in the third photo compared to photos 1 and 2.

It is intriguing that the latest photo does not show Dictator Dan’s full face. Why wouldn’t you show his full face? Was the photo shopper on holiday in Israel?

It is also intriguing that several Lying Press outlets displayed old photos of Andrews as their cover photos for the story that the Premier’s wife had released another photo of him. This gave the impression that it was actually a photo of Daniel Andrews, rather than just having to trust that it really was his wife cutting her husband’s hair.

This would require us to trust the same news outlets that tell us that the coronavirus is the most dangerous threat known to mankind, that if we don’t stop using plastic, cars and air conditioning the world is going to spontaneously combust, that the 2020 US Presidential Election was not rigged, that Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself, that Israel did not do 9/11, and that even though we spent the next 45 years in a Cold War against the Soviets and Communism killed 100-200 million people in the 20th Century, funding the industrialisation of the Soviet Union then ganging up with it to beat Hitler was the right thing to do.

So, yeah, I wanna see his face.

I also want to know how a man who was front and centre of Victoria’s lockdown in 2020, a man who was on television every, single day for a year, can just have this accident and disappear for half a year. I want to know why nobody in the Lying Press wants to dig a bit, or wonders if maybe it all sounds a little bit fishy. A guy who probably made a lot of enemies in 2020 just happens to slip down the stairs while accompanied by some other very powerful people.

Yeah, it’s rabbit hole time.

Daniel Andrews has every reason to be in hiding. Let’s just assume for a moment that the coronavirus is real and it actually did kill all the people they say it killed last year. That makes Daniel Andrews liable for industrial manslaughter.

From Spectator Australia, 11 March, 2021:

Developments late last week confirm that the Victorian government — including Premier Daniel Andrews — is under investigation for indictable criminal offences. The investigation by WorkSafe Victoria relates to the failed hotel quarantine program of 2020 and alleged breaches of health and safety laws. 

In September last year, Self Employed Australia wrote to WorkSafe. We issued requests for prosecutions to be brought against the Victorian government and several individuals over the hotel quarantine program that resulted in alleged 801 deaths from Covid-19 last year. Our  campaign summary and key details are here.  

Late last week, on March 4, we received a letter from WorkSafe Victoria  confirming again that WorkSafe is investigating breaches of work health and safety laws related to the hotel quarantine program. This is significant. Here are the core facts.  

The  WorkSafe  letter says,  “I refer to your request for WorkSafe Victoria to bring prosecutions against various individuals and entities associated with the Covid-19 Hotel Quarantine Program. Please be advised that Worksafe’s  investigation is still ongoing.” 

This is the clearest confirmation from WorkSafe of an investigation. Further, it confirms that the investigation is occurring because of our correspondence to WorkSafe. Our key letter of 29 September 2020uses  section 131 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. That Section requires WorkSafe to investigate alleged work safety breaches when requested. 

In our letter of 29 September, we identified 142 breaches of the work safety laws. All 142 offences we identified are indictable criminal offences. 

We  named  20  individuals and  6  entities as requiring investigation.

This includes the Premier and three ministers, the Chief Health Officer and 15 other heads of departments/agencies, the State of Victoria and four departments/agencies and Victorian Trades Hall Council. 

The full list of individuals and entities is in our correspondence of 29 September is  here

As stated, this would require us to ignore the fact that coronavirus death figures were inflated by having very broad definitions of what constituted a coronavirus death. There is evidence that doctors have a financial inducement to classify a death as being coronavirus related, and people have presented evidence that doctors pressured them into listing the death of their loved ones as a coronavirus-related death.

But in the context of a trial in Victoria, none of this matters. The courts aren’t going to care about any of that. A jewish judge recently sentenced Neil Erikson to a month in prison entirely for his so-called “far-right” political beliefs. The Victorian judiciary buys 100% the mainstream political narrative on nationalism, and you can expect them to buy the mainstream political narrative on the coronavirus just as thoroughly.

The only question for Daniel Andrews would be, has he bought the Victorian judiciary? Or are they bought by the guys who pushed him down the stairs?

Lindsay Fox’s den.

As far as rabbit holes go, we are still on the doormat. It has been alleged that Dick Ears’ Willy has gotten him into a spot of bother.

From Cairns News, 16 April, 2021:

What has happened to Premier Dan Andrews? After it was dutifully reported by Victoria’s captive media he “fell down the stairs and broke his ribs” at a mansion owned by transport magnate Lindsay Fox, his tweets, other than a photo-shopped picture of him in a hospital bed and a “happy Easter” message have disappeared into the ether.

Being a Labor Premier of a rogue Chinese state has its moments and fighting off a flu virus and overseeing the deaths of more than 800 age care residents across Melbourne occupied most of Dan’s time. When he had a tantalising opportunity to visit Linfox’s luxury home at Portsea, fortuitously the highway-hardened truck driver’s son Andrew too was in lockdown at the seaside…

According to The Age there is no dispute that Andrews is a regular and welcome visitor to the Fox’s den. The most recent occasion The Age is aware of was January 9, two days after Andrews returned to work from a short summer break.

It was a Saturday night and the Premier and his wife, Catherine, made the familiar drive from their Mulgrave home to the Fox’s sprawling cliff-top compound that overlooks Portsea’s Point King Beach.

Seated around the table were Lindsay Fox and his wife, Paula, the Premier and his wife, tech entrepreneur Andrew Bassat and Luke Sayers, a former PricewaterhouseCoopers chief executive.

The Fox family were also in lockdown in Portsea. Andrew Fox, the son of trucking magnate Lindsay, and his family were enjoying isolation at the family’s clifftop compound.

His daughter Bella has shared videos on social media of the family partying on table tops in the midst of a pandemic…

Dan Andrews and Andrew Fox, one of three Fox sons who control parts of the family business across logistics, airports and property, are particularly fond of one another’s company, with a shared passion for good red wines and fine whisky.

Through Fox and friends like promotions guru Michael Gudinksi, Eddie McGuire and multimillionaire businessman Gerry Ryan owner of Jayco Caravans, Andrews has gained entry into the seductive world of Melbourne’s uber-rich.

“They spend a lot of time in one another’s company talking shit and coming up with ideas that can bring their collective interests to bear,” a Labor source says….

Ryan, like the Foxes, is an investor in Luke Sayers’ consultancy. Like Fox, he stands to benefit if the Andrews government backs  a new quarantine facility at Avalon Airport .

Scuttlebut in a tightly controlled police state like Victoria eventually gets past the borders thanks to communist dissenters who have evaded the Zuckerberg crackdown on fair commentary on his Facebook.

Some of the ardent, well-connected commentators claim to have knowledge of Dan Andrews not behaving “appropriately” while visiting Fox’s Portsea residence, in spite of his earlier statement in Parliament.

The Facebookers allege Andrews is fighting a rape charge in court, under the radar naturally, for a dalliance with one of Lindsay Fox’s grand-daughters aged 17.

In return Andrews is said to be prosecuting his assailants for bashing him senseless over the alleged rape.

The concluding paragraph notes something I witnessed one night during lockdown while at a vantage point where I could see the whole north of Melbourne:

Who knows, after discovering the intrinsically connected Communist Chinese Party’s Belt and Road involvement with Andrews and the Labor government that flew under the national radar for some time added to persistent stories of dozens of Chinese aircraft night-flying into Melbourne airports during the lockdowns, anything is possible in the Garden State.

During lockdown I personally (and legally) witnessed a row of aircraft lining up to land at Melbourne airport stretching many miles back. I wondered how this was possible, given we were in lockdown, our borders were shut, and air travel had diminished so much that the world’s airliners were parking their jumbos in the middle of Australia.

One last bit of anecdotal evidence wild speculation, from yours truly. A couple of months ago someone I just met recounted a story they heard about Daniel Andrews’ allegiance to the CCP. I was told that while on a trip to China with his wife he met some young Chinese women (whom some Western men have been brainwashed into thinking are attractive.) He spent some more time with these women while not in the company of his wife. Eventually he sent his wife home while he spent more time with these women, who kept inviting their friends, who seemed to get younger and younger. Then they changed sex. Then they showed him the tapes. Then again, he probably knew he was being recorded and didn’t care. Some men want to be bought.

Of course, this could all be complete drivel. Maybe the story that he broke his ribs or had a severe back injury is true, maybe he really did just fall down the stairs and maybe he really has been in a slow, painful recovery for months, so exhausting that he needed complete privacy. I actually hope this is true. It is not like me to wish pain on my enemies but for Daniel Andrews I will make an exception. He is the local lackey of a globalist cabal which intends to enslave humanity and then wipe us out.

In the process he has turned Victoria into a police state and empowered psychopaths in Victoria Police to deliberately inflict pain on the proud nationalist leaders and anti-lockdown leaders they unlawfully detain. These leaders are:

Thomas Sewell (NSN):

Neil Erikson:

Nick Patterson:

And Christian Pastor Paul Furlong:

These men are political prisoners, unlawfully held by an illegitimate state.

Victoria used to be a beautiful place. Now it is ground zero for globalist experimentation into how to control a population.

I hope Daniel Andrews is still in agony.