3 Oppressive Measures snuck in the back door during Melbourne Lockdown

Dumb Cop, Cuck Cop.

20 years after Israel did 9/11 we’re still getting our bags checked at airports and sporting venues by smelly Indians. The War on Terror petered out but the focus of Western state security agencies turned against the native White populations they are intent on replacing.

This is the template for how so-called “public health measures” in response to the coronavirus plandemic have been steadily ramped up since March 2020. At every crisis point the government is given more power over a small aspect of how we live our lives. When measures are relaxed, the government keeps the powers it really wanted while giving the illusion of more freedom.

This is how we have reached the point where the Australian federal government and Victorian state government can openly implement three oppressive measures which had previously been laughed off:

  • Mandatory check ins
  • Mandatory vaccines
  • Coronavirus death camps

Here is a summary of each.

Mandatory check ins at the supermarket

Last year the government and its media lackeys pushed the so-called COVIDsafe app. It was billed as a way to make it easier for so-called “contact tracers” to track our movements in case we caught the coronavirus so they could alert all of our so-called “close contacts”.

The prospect of letting the government track our every move quite rightly frightened the living daylights out of most Australians, and extraordinary reassurances from the government could do little to quell concern. Thus the COVIDsafe app quietly disappeared.

We correctly predicted that the Regime would find a way to quietly and gradually establish this system anyway. In June 2021 in Victoria it is now mandatory to check in at supermarkets, shops and public venues using a government app. Even the private apps share their data with the government app.

It’s basically the COVIDsafe app.

Shockingly however, it appears supermarkets do not have enough staff to check that people are actually checking in. It is entirely likely that people are just holding their phones up to the barcodes and pretending to check in. The government will either have to fund shops and supermarkets to hire and train more staff to ensure compliance, or the private sector will be forced to pass this cost on to the consumer.

Mandatory vaccines for aged care workers

Scott Morrison was forced to backpedal very quickly last year from his statement that the government would make the vaccine “as mandatory as you could possibly make it” once it became clear that like the CovidSafe app, Australians simply were not interested in giving up our bodily autonomy to protect us from a virus which has a 99.9% survival rate.

Especially given its likelihood of being a bioweapon. These concerns have proven well founded, as adverse reactions and deaths from the cure appear a far greater threat than the purported disease.

Unperturbed, the government appears determined to discard the inconvenient advice of its own experts, with plans to mandate the not-vaccine for aged care workers.

All those “vaccinated” aged care workers dropping dead could cause a slight hiccup to the “industry”, but if all the “vaccinated” aged care “clients” drop dead too, well, Bob’s your uncle.

This is the model by which the vaccine will be mandated throughout all of society. Incentives and ostracism will work on sheeple, then engineered crises will allow the government to mandate vaccines for once sector after another. Expect mandatory vaccines for travel, education, all health care work, and eventually to just go into the supermarket.

Coronavirus death camps

The XYZ happily made jokes about this all last year because we knew it was going to happen so we just wanted to be able to boast that we were right as they gas us all with Zyklon A. (Zyklon B doesn’t work.)

Victoria’s hotel quarantine system just seems to keep on failing.

Whatever are we to do?

I guess we just need better facilities, with more professionally trained guards, I mean staff. We’ll probably need to build these… quarantine hubs, yes, let’s call them hubs, makes it sound funky…. we’ll build them slightly outside the cities, just to be extra sure that we can avoid outbreaks.

A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the Victorian and federal governments to build a so-called “quarantine hub” at either Mickleham or Avalon and it will be funded by the federal government.

This is why I have been sceptical of Peta Credlin. She got all the boomers simping for her last year when she grilled Daniel Andrews over the outbreak, and she single-handedly brought down several ministers and officials who were thrown under the bus. However, she reinforced the narrative that the coronavirus is a deadly threat which requires government control over our lives, and her activism on Sky News has reinforced the logic that we need to build these coronavirus death camps away from the cities.

On the upside, The XYZ understands that these hubs will be fully decked out with libraries, orchestras, hospitals, brothels, swimming pools and dentists. They are also going to build this random chimney that is not connected to anything for no reason whatsoever.


What connects all three of these totalitarian measures snuck in the back door of the latest lockdown is the direct involvement of the federal government. In 2020, Scott Morrison and Daniel Andrews played a good cop, bad cop routine. With Daniel Andrews pushed down the stairs, Victoria has still become a police state operating with the full approval of the Australian federal government.

We all know Daniel Andrews is scum.

So is ScoMo.