Peta Credlin and Daniel Andrews are on the same side


The Victorian government is openly discussing and openly preparing to build purpose made concentration camps for people who have supposedly contracted the coronavirus.

The Premier has confirmed that a senior group of officials were “actively pursuing and examining the construction of a purpose-built quarantine centre.” Avalon and Melbourne airports are “standout candidates”.

Okay. So a camp. You’re talking about building a camp. Concentrating people in the one place. In a camp. I believe we have a name for that.

“It would be a cabin-style, village-style environment, where there would be fresh air, where there would be not zero risk, but lower risk.”

Do you know what other camp in modern history had a cabin-style, village-style environment with fresh air?


In Auschwitz they had a swimming pool, a dentist, a theatre, a hospital where women had babies, they had their own currency. The Russians even built this weird chimney thing after the war which wasn’t connected to anything. I don’t know what that means.

Anyway, The XYZ has been making jokes about concentration camps for people with coronavirus and people who defy the coronavirus apparatus of control for quite some time. We have made these jokes because we have noticed that this is precisely where this whole thing is headed.

Governments around the world have a variety of nice words they like to use to sugarcoat the fact that they are building concentration camps.

And they label anyone who points out that this is where things are headed, before they have had time to sufficiently prepare the local mood, a “conspiracy theorist”.

In a few years time you will likely be able to make a map (you’d never find this information on Google) of all the camps which governments around the world have made for people purportedly infected with coronavirus, and likely for anybody who refuses to toe the lockdown line. If you colour these camps in red, or maybe blue, it would look like a chain of islands in the sea.

I believe we have a term for this.

You’re not even allowed to point out “Hey, this is exactly what the national socialists did”. (Nobody has even heard of the Soviet Union any more.) Only jews are allowed to do this. If you point out that something the current government is doing is very similar to something the national socialist government of Germany in the 1930’s and 40’s did and the jews don’t approve of you saying that, you get accused of antisemitism. Go figure.

But hey at least we got to see Daniel Andrews squirm a little bit last year when Peta Credlin interviewed him over his mishandling of the hotel quarantine program.

I believe Leigh Sales did something similar recently.

Credlin single handedly took the scalps of several senior Andrews government ministers and bureaucrats, and forced him to put on a pretend inquiry into the scheme which predictably found him not guilty.

And there’s the problem.

He’s still there. This week when yet another bungled hotel quarantine program system has led to yet another Victorian lockdown, Daniel Andrews has been nominated for a leadership award.


He has been able to say…..

Bald faced:

Well, I guess if quarantining people in hotels doesn’t work, we’re just going to have to build concentration camps.

Where is the media on this? Nowhere. Where is Peta Credlin? Nowhere. Peta Credlin’s grilling of Daniel Andrews last year reinforced the logic that:

  • Coronavirus is real.
  • Even if coronavirus is real, the existence of a flu with a 99.98% survival rate warrants the establishment of death camps concentration camps happy camps quarantine facilities in order to keep the public safe.

So, this is our life now. The government is building concentration camps for the population, using the coronavirus as a pretext. The media, especially the fake right media, and the government are in a tag team on this. They have been playing us all the way to the oven.