If the normies were never going to wake up, jews would never censor us


If the normies are never going to wake up, the jews would have no need to censor us.

It’s that simple.

I regularly come across the argument that the normies are never going to wake up, so we should focus on building our physical networks. The latter is 100% spot on but the former is based on a misunderstanding of the latter.

It serves as a useful reminder that you cannot simply blog for six months then ride the wave of Saxon Hatred all the way to power and a victory parade down the Champs Elysées.

We should absolutely focus on building our own physical networks of White activists dedicated to securing the existence of our people and a future for White children. You can’t get normies to do this, you need fanatics, and it only takes a core of several hundred or several thousand fanatics to change the course of history.

But every fanatic was once a normie. I was once a normie. I fell for many of the catchment philosophy traps the jews created to prevent us from becoming national socialists and Christians. I used to think restoring conservatism to the Liberal Party would fix our problems. I claimed briefly to be a libertarian, a conservative libertarian, a classic liberal, a neoreactionary, a national populist and a “cultural Christian”. I spent hours reading Andrew Bolt, Janet Albrechtsen and Greg Sheridan, hours listening to Bill Whittle, Stefan Molyneux, Milo Yiannopoulos, Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson and Paul Joseph Watson.

Then I discovered Murdoch Murdoch, and around the same time I reached the conclusion that I had turned against God for my own selfish reasons, and that I been further poisoned against God because the rulers of this world are greedy, evil jews who hate God and serve Satan.

It was a heady time. It seemed like the whole West was waking up with me, and I wrote about it. Alex Jones was the biggest media personality on the planet, and a plethora of independent YouTube channels averaged more views than mainstream television news. These channels catered to people at every step on the red pill process and the algorithm assisted anybody with an honest and enquiring mind to reach the end of the rabbit hole.

The Daily Stormer was one of the biggest sites on the internet, and here in Australia the UPF and a number of other nationalist and patriot pages dominated Facebook.

Everybody was talking about the holocaust.

Politics in the West swung in a nationalist direction, with Brexit in Great Britain, the National Front in France, Lega Nord in Italy, Viktor Orban in Hungary, Poland just being all round awesome, Donald Trump in the US, and Pauline Hanson and Fraser Anning emerging in Australia’s federal parliament.

I naively thought that politics in the West would naturally swing to the right and sweep away all the nonsense, just as I had thought Tony Abbott would restore backbone to the Liberal Party and temperance to Australia’s budget. What I didn’t know was that just as in the Matrix movies, the system had seen this sort of thing before and had processes in place to deal with a mass awakening.

The jews invented the term “fake news” and they engineered several incidents – Charlottesville – to use as a pretext to crack down on nationalist groups and anybody talking about nationalism online or in public. Andrew Anglin was unpersoned, Alex Jones was unceremoniously banned from YouTube, and once it was apparent they could get away with it, they just worked their way slowly but surely through a list and banned nearly everyone else.

Even if we had been allowed to keep putting out material on mainstream social media unobstructed, without algorithmic demotion, shadow bans and Facebook jail, we still would have had to contend with the fact that every leading politician established as the nationalist or populist figure in every country was either a crypto-jew, a servant of the jews, or thought it necessary to issue statements in support of jews and of israel.

Furthermore, either jews, feds or both infiltrated or attempted to infiltrate every independent group opposed in some way to the dominant narrative, regardless of how small they were. I know because they tried to do this to The XYZ and it took me several years to perceive who they were and how they did it.

This brings us to our current situation. The leaders we thought would save us have served the jews instead, and they even rigged an election to get rid of the greatest president israel ever had, Donald Trump, simply because it served their narrative to push anybody who even hinted at appealing to White identity for electoral gain to the fringes of acceptable public discourse.

The Overton Window has been shifted back to the left.

In Australia the government is systematically jailing our leaders for no reason, and it is laying the groundwork to criminalise any opposition to mass immigration and multiculturalism. Obviously, we need to keep building our organisations and demonstrate our resolve to the system that there is literally nothing it can do to stop us doing what we’re doing, other than killing us.

But if the normies were never going to wake up, there would be no need to:

  • Ban us from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Demonise second tier sites like Gab, Telegram and BitChute, and target their financial and technical infrastructure to pressure them into banning the people they banned from Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  • Attempt to ban memes.
  • Pump out propaganda in the Lying Press every day depicting ordinary White people who just want our countries back as terrorists.
  • Infiltrate or attempt to infiltrate every political organisation which emerges in opposition to the jewish agenda.
  • Change the law to make opposition to the jewish agenda illegal.
  • Harass people who join dissident organisations with nuisance police raids, vexatious litigation and Antifa terrorism.
  • Arrest Thomas Sewell, Nick Patterson, Tyler Jakovac, Ryan Fletcher and Paul Furlong, and attempt to murder Neil Erikson.
  • Imprison Pauline Hanson, murder George Lincoln Rockwell, abduct Charles Lindbergh’s baby, reduce Germany to a smoking ruin and proceed to demonise its people for the next 75 years.

If the normies were never going to wake up, the system of control would not have such an elaborate system of control in place to prevent the normies from waking up. They would let dissident organisations operate unobstructed.

But they are going to wake up, because our message stirs something inside every White man who does not hate himself, it speaks to the core of our identity and once awoken it won’t stop until final victory has been achieved.

If revealing the truth about World War 2, the holocaust, the jews, or pumping out blatant national socialist imagery and arguments was never going to appeal to the normies, the jews and their servants in government would never have bothered to obstruct any of it, because nationalists would naturally repel our intended audience by our very existence alone.

Indeed if this were the case, it would free us from any limits on our messaging or our actions. If the normies were never going to wake up, we could be monsters because there would be no point in trying to get them on our side. But they are going to wake up, and regardless, we’re not monsters.

The strategy then is simple.

  • Focus on building your dedicated core of fanatics to lead the movement.
  • Continue to pump out messaging which attracts fanatics, knowing that eventually you will break through the system of control and have an army of hundreds of millions.