2016 – The Coming European Spring


The Arab Spring was sparked in Tunisia in December 2010 and spread throughout North Africa and the Middle East in 2011, (although the stillbirth Twitter Revolution in Iran can be seen as its precursor, but is largely ignored by a media eager to excuse Obama’s betrayal of democratic forces in Iran.) The Arab Spring has since had predictably mixed results, for example, with the overthrow of long time Western enemy Muammar Gaddafi in Libya.  Without the commitment by Western powers to stabilising the country with a long occupation, Libya has fallen into chaos and civil war.

This Western unwillingness to commit in force for the long term, combined with Obama’s rash withdrawal of US troops from Iraq without leaving any behind, has allowed the Islamic State establishing itself in Syria and Iraq and bringing death and suffering to the already long-suffering region. In turn, decades of multicultural/ Cultural Marxist policies in Europe which have undermined popular belief in and support for the concept of national identity, have led to an unwillingness on the part of European governments to effectively police their borders.

This has led to an overwhelming tide of humanity fleeing from the chaotic and impoverished Middle East and North Africa to swamp Europe, once migrants realised that all they had to do was turn up and they would be let in. Now, Europe is reaping the results of its failure to effectively intervene in the Middle East combined with its refusal to police its own borders. The people of North Africa and the Middle East are migrating, en masse, into Europe, in a tide which appears unstoppable. It is conceivable that if nothing is done to stop this, Europe will cease to exist, at least in terms of its indigenous European identity, within the coming decades.

Furthermore, the people of North Africa appear to be bringing with them the ideology – islam – which has made their homelands unliveable, and are starting to apply this ideology in Europe. No greater symbol exists of this spread of the ideology of islam to Europe, and the European elite’s continued refusal to acknowledge the problem, than the mass sexual assault of European women by Arab muslim men at Cologne Cathedral on New Year’s Eve, and the subsequent cover-up of these events by government and the media.

However, the endgame appears in sight.

In this Trifecta video produced by PJTV, the indefatigable Bill Whittle makes the case that the European Spring will occur in 2016. Not just Europeans but people of Western heritage, and people of many faiths, cultures and races living in Western countries who want their countries to be ordered along Western principles, are fed up. It is quite possible that 2016 will be the year that the people of the West start to demand honesty and accountability from their governments with regard to the issues of immigration, religion and culture, and reassert their identity, and their right to their identity.

2016 could well be a year unlike any we have ever seen.