Thomas Sewell: A man who refuses to be livestock


I don’t know the details of the case, nor do I know much about the man, but Mr Sewell seems like a very courageous figure with deeply felt conviction in his beliefs. And that’s true whether you like his beliefs or not, by the way.

Modern folks aren’t used to this kind of man, but whether or not you agree with his particular economic or social philosophy, its important to understand that men who are willing to put skin in the game are the only ones who matter in the field. There’s a lot of chatter, I’ve contributed plenty, but where you bleed is where you are invested.

If you never even risk bleeding for another person, your brother, your father, you children, your wife, your race, your religion, or your culture, then you are a not a man.

You are livestock.

The real men are making a comeback, and they will come in various shapes, sizes and colours. Make friends with the ones who have your interests at heart, because you won’t like the other ones much. Don’t fear masculinity, celebrate it, for it will be your salvation from this nightmare we call clownworld.

As for Thomas, he’ll be in my prayers, and I hope that he makes good use of the quiet study and writing time that his sentence, however unjust it may be, will provide.

Some Great Leaders have gathered their thoughts in highly effective ways whilst under lock and key.

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