Neil Erikson: Someone “with badges on their shoulder” tried to kill me


Neil Erikson was released from prison yesterday, having served a one month sentence for saying that mohammed was a false prophet in a public place.

Last night he gave an extraordinary interview in a livestream with Jaz Searby and Australian Meditations:

The most dramatic revelation was the following:

  • Erikson was supposed to be released on Tuesday June 8, given that solitary confinement due to coronavirus lockdowns is supposed to correspond to days reduced from a sentence.
  • Instead he was transferred on June 8 to Marngoneet Prison, a medium security prison.
  • Marngoneet Prison contains a sizeable muslim population.

Erikson has made a name for himself primarily through his anti-islam activism and he was in jail specifically for calling mohammed a false prophet in a public place. He said you could feel the tension in the air in the prison and it was clear that the muslim prisoners knew exactly who he was.

He expressed his gratitude to fellow White prisoners who watched his back and made sure that nothing was to happen to him.

Most incredible is the reaction of the prison guards when they realised Erikson was being held in Marngoneet:

  • Guards frequently expressed incredulity that Neil Erikson was at Marngoneet Prison.
  • They all looked stressed, some even physically shook.
  • He was explicitly told that he should not be there.
  • He was explicitly told that nobody had ever been transferred to the prison for FOUR DAYS.
  • Erikson was told that it sounded like someone wanted to kill him, and the expression “someone with badges on their shoulder” was used.

Given that a week or so previously, the Victorian Police Commissioner had requested that Erikson be sent to Port Phillip Prison, one of the most dangerous prisons with some of the most psychopathic killers in the state, it is clear that his being sent to Marngoneet was a political decision.

Clearly, the Victorian government wants Neil Erikson dead.

Eventually the guards put Erikson in isolation before sending him out of the prison.

Neil has pointed out that it was not muslims who put him in jail – a jewish magistrate did this. This illustrates the seriousness with which the Regime takes the threat of genuine nationalist activism to its power. It has deliberately engineered a situation to imprison Erikson on a spurious charge, then send him to a prison where it was hoped that someone would do to him what they are too cowardly to do themselves.

It makes absolutely clear what the stakes are for the rest of us engaged in genuine Australian nationalist activism, but also the importance of our mission and the righteousness of our cause.

While being held in Melbourne Assessment Prison, Erikson was able to communicate with Thomas Sewell, who is in good spirits and using the extra time on his hands to read the Bible, (it’s the only book he is allowed), train, and to write his own book. Sewell is an unstoppable ball of pure solar energy and nothing will get in the way of his rise to greatness.

As Erikson stated, Sewell is mentally strong enough to get through what looks like being a long imprisonment even before his trial begins.

You can send letters of support to Thomas Sewell via Email a Prisoner:

His CRN, Criminal Reference Number is 226549.

In conclusion, Erikson was buoyant throughout the livestream despite the serious subject matter. He said serving a one month sentence was easier than submitting to a humiliating community corrections order, not “easy” as one Lying Press outlet misquoted him. He said a psychologist informed him while there that he had so-called “White Privilege” to which he reminded her that he was in prison.

The stream ended with several replays of this amazing clip: