Tyler Jakovac Did Nothing Wrong


For those not aware, Tyler “Slavko” Jakovac was a teenager from Regional Australia (Albury) who was arrested by Counter Terrorism Police on December 10th 2020. He faces up to 12 years in prison for making racist memes and taking the piss out of the state’s “right wing terrorism” hysteria.

Tyler “Slavko” Jakovac, memeing.

His court case (Mention) today (Feb 26th 2021) was adjourned until April 16th 2021 at Parramatta court.

Jakovac committed no crime, he did not plan to commit any crime, his only offence was not giving a fuck about hurting brown people’s feelings and sharing content from “siege larp” Telegram groups on his Telegram page.

Jakovac was not involved with any groups. He was targeted and singled out by the state political police apparatus masquerading as a “counter terrorism” operation, in order to dissuade young men from being involved in securing a future for their Nation and as a media prop to assist in shaping public support for an ever growing draconian political police state, that is willing to change laws to stop White people from objecting to their own racial replacement.

The “Inquiry into Extremist Movements and Radicalism in Australia” currently underway in the Australian parliament to shut down White political representation was conveniently announced on the exact same day as Tyler Jakovac’s arrest.

You can find Thomas Sewell at Telegram.