The Australian Government is colluding with a foreign power to oppress its own people: Guess Who?


It’s the Jews.

That’s the tl;dr.

The slightly longer tl;dr is that the Australian and Victorian governments are colluding with a private security firm called the Community Service Group (CSG). Like the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC) which exploit a benign acronym to enforce speech codes upon Western society and internet users on behalf of one ethnicity alone, the CSG stalks and harasses ordinary Australians perceived to be a security threat because they engage in mild pro-White activism.

The CSG was created by Mossad, colludes regularly with Mossad and provides a fertile recruitment ground for Mossad. It colludes with Victoria Police and acts as a private enforcement agency on behalf of Israelis in Australia.

Let’s examine the evidence.

Christian arrested for going to church

The door to this rabbit hole starts with the arrest of a Christian man at church Sunday week ago. Four police cars arrived at the front of a Catholic Church in Melbourne’s South East to arrest the young man under the pretext of breaching bail conditions.

The Christian man is a local nationalist who was arrested on trumped up charges regarding some harmless stickering. As a result he was banned from visiting the Glen Eira region unless for a lawful purpose:

From AM:

In the month of May, a good friend of mine and activist was arrested. He was intercepted on the street on the 29th May in the afternoon and arrested on the basis of a bail breach. The arrest was made as he was leaving the Mass of the nearby church.

The claim made by the police was that due to the bail condition stating that he was not meant to be in the area, he was therefore in a breach. However the activist was going to church which is a lawful reason for him being in the area.

However the activist claims that going to church was a lawful reason for him being in the area. The condition of the original bail, asides from non-association with any witnesses except for the Informant, states quote: “Not to be in the Glen Eira Council Area unless for a lawful reason”. Being a devout lifelong Catholic and a member of the parish for at least three months prior to the bail breach or the arrest that triggered the bail, the activist believes he is in the right as the bail condition states “without a lawful reason”.

The counter-claim made by the police is that the person must nevertheless not be permitted to be in the area, which is akin to religious discrimination.

A devout Catholic, his attendance at mass clearly met the criteria of “lawful purpose”. He was arrested anyway, and new bail conditions were set prohibiting his visiting the location of Glen Eira Council under any circumstances.

The bail trap

This is standard operational procedure by Victoria’s heavily politicised security services. They arrest activists for no reason, set bail conditions, then arrest them again on the grounds that they have breached said bail conditions. The charges are unlikely to stand up in court but that is not the point. The slow grind of justice is deliberately used by Victoria Police against its victims because the bail conditions last until the charges are cleared, thus they are exploited to hamper political activism.

The video below exposes Victoria Police doing just that:

This tactic is used regularly against nationalists, anti-lockdown and anti-forced vaccination activists. Jacob Hersant is currently banned from the internet because his power level is too high; Neil Erikson chose to spend a month in prison to avoid a ban on activism; Aussie Cossack is still in prison due to his political activism but had all his videos removed by YouTube anyway; and Nick Patterson, whose shoulder was injured when he was assaulted by Victoria Police during a lockdown protest in 2021, was hit with a gag order.

The purpose is clear when we look at the shadow banning of Thomas Sewell on Telegram, who was himself imprisoned for seven months without trial for his political beliefs:

After his old Telegram channel was banned by Telegram at the request of the Australian government, his new channel was on track to regain his old followers within 6-8 weeks. A shadow ban was then placed on his account, restricting searches from outside Telegram, which then slowed its growth.

Globohomo is currently attempting to do to alternative social media what it did to Big Tech social media in 2018. After its electoral losses of 2016 Globohomo realised it would have to censor communication by nationalists or else it would lose power over the West.

Having contained the reach of political dissidents, the Australian government is now criminalising political activism which falls outside the accepted Overton Window.

The activist who reported the arrest of the Catholic churchgoer has himself been arrested merely for insulting the slightly aboriginal Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe on the internet. Reportedly, 30 federal agents turned up at his door to make the arrest on the grounds of “using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence”. This is the same spurious charge under which the Queensland government attempted to imprison Simon Hickey.

This should be viewed in the context of the arrest of an employee of Friendly Jordies last year merely for filming and questioning a state Liberal MP, and the precedent set by the successful legal action by Sarah Hanson-Young against David Leyonhjelm. Not even parliamentary privilege protects freedom of speech in Australia. Criticism of the political elite is effectively illegal.

Insights Victoria

Whilst it works to limit the reach of anti-globohomo activists, Australia’s governments are working to centralise their own data collection capabilities and weaponise them against ordinary people.

From the Daily Mail:

Victorians are being monitored by a new secretive government agency which collates sensitive and private data and reports directly to Premier Daniel Andrews.

The high-tech data agency was set up in August, 2020 during the Covid pandemic but will continue operating in a move the opposition says is deeply disturbing.

Insights Victoria looked at how residents spent their money, their social media presence and physical and mental health.

The agency reportedly received $4.4million in the latest Victorian state government budget and will continue report to the premier, the Sunday Herald Sun reported.

It’s understood the agency uses publicly available information as well as ‘sensitive’ data that is updated seven days a week…

The agency was only made public after a Freedom of Information request which the government attempted to deny.

The site says the data is sourced from multiple platforms including ‘departments across WoVG’ (Whole-of-Victorian-Government).

Different levels of government staff have reportedly been granted either full or limited access to the data. Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton has full access.

People who have access to the system can download and export the data from maps or charts provided.

If you want to know how the government is able to send its goons to your house to arrest you for Facebook posts, this is how:

A note briefing staff about the agency in September, 2020, said the system would have a ‘behaviour and sentiments’ section that covered ‘social media sentiments and behaviour and attitude surveys’ in relation to Covid.

After establishing this data monitoring centre under the pretext of the “pandemic”, its existence is being cemented by expanding its role to monitor all political dissidents:

The note also said the system could ‘evolve to support cross-portfolio decision making beyond Covid-19’.

‘Insights Victoria is designed to meet the short term Covid data needs but also be a long-term platform for providing real-time whole of Victorian Government data, analytics and insights,’ the document read.

A government spokesman said Insights Victoria ‘purchases anonymised data sets off private sector partners to provide insights to Government’.

‘The data provided is not market sensitive and is anonymised,’ the spokesman said.

When considered in the context of the construction of prison camps under the pretext of the pandemic which are now viewed as a long term investment by Australian governments, what we see here is the establishment of the infrastructure of a totalitarian dictatorship on Australian soil.

The Community Service Group

We have established the following:

  • Australian federal and state police and the Australian legal system are used as a political enforcement arm.
  • Australian activists are bailed and/or jailed with the explicit purpose of hindering their activism.
  • The online reach of political dissidents is deliberately hampered by tech companies at the direction of the Australian government.
  • Australian governments are collecting, centralising and weaponising the data and internet usage of ordinary Australians for political suppression purposes.

It gets worse. Returning to the arrest of a Christian for going to church, it turns out he was stalked by the Community Service Group on behalf of “the jewish community”, which then directed Australian security services to the scene to make the illegal arrest.

From AM:

The only footage detailing his whereabouts was conducted by Community Security Group (CSG) , which is [a] Jewish intelligence-gathering security group that liaises with federal and state police and serves the Jewish community. See screenshot below of Vicpol admitting their cozy relationship with said Jewish organisation.

It is highly likely that this group has in its employ former Israeli special forces members and Mossad operatives, the same agents responsible for the Port Arthur false flag and the subsequent removal of gun rights within Australia.

The CCTV footage shows the activist walking past several synagogues and nothing else. On the scene of the arrest of the 29th, police found no materials on the activist’s person. The activist reiterated his reason for being in the area, but it took the Magistrate to grant bail on the provision that the activist was not allowed in the area under any circumstances (a condition which does not exist in the previous bail conditions but VicPol claims the wording gives meaning in spite of the use of the words “lawful reason”). The Magistrate also granted bail on the reasoning that the activist has no prior criminal history and is of young age.

The evidence has been gathered by CSG one of many Jewish surveillance community groups that freely operate in Australia. They forwarded their intelligence to VicPol who then used it to justify an interception and arrest of my friend.

Additionally this activist has been pressured into signing his new bail conditions which limit his association with other activists who are being deemed as a “risk to national security”…

These activists are simply pro-white, nationalist, and openly advocate for these things.

What this arrest indicate is:

  1. That the Jewish community and their oligarchy here in Australia act as a foreign entity with their own exclusive task forces to target, menace, harass and imprison White Australians.
  2. That going to church is not regarded as a”lawful reason” of being in a certain area.
  3. That the government has no qualms and remains silent on the fact that it’ own Praetorian guard is liaising with foreign organisations with links to Mossad.

This is the so called democracy we live under in Australia, a Jewish controlled system reinforced by shabbos goys willing to work with foreign entities to undermine the freedoms of White Australians.

This evidence has been corroborated by

The CAG operations hub.

For anyone doubting the Melbourne “Community Security Group” is linked to Mossad, in addition to VicPol admitting they have ‘a significant intelligence gathering capability’, Der Spiegel reported in 2013 that Ben Zygier was involved in the Melbourne CSG before he joined Mossad (where he continued to use his Australian passport) and that Mossad often trains these groups.

Zygier’s death is theorised to be due to his knowledge of fake passports used in the assassination of Mahmoud Al-Mabouh seeing as he died days after that occurred.

Furthermore looking at the ASIC summary for the CSG, legal documents served get sent to Arnold Bloch Leibler, Mark Leibler’s law firm.

Leibler’s biography admits that after he threatened Kevin Rudd over Australian passports used in the same assassination of Al-Mabouh he went to meet with the then head of Mossad Meir Dagan to smooth things over.

The Jews boast in detail about this hit, in chapter 35 of Rise and Kill First, which confirms Meir Dagan was the man who organised it.

In this video we see further admissions that the CSG colludes with Victoria Police:

They even lay it out in print:

Further evidence collated by indicates that Leibler and his circle were instrumental in the replacement of Kevin Rudd with Julia Gillard as Prime Minister after he attempted to hold the Israeli government to account for Mossad’s use of Australian passports of a Hamas agent. are still publishing evidence as we speak on this important topic. You can follow their work here.

Why this matters

Jewish elites have been instrumental in imposing the policies of mass immigration and multiculturalism upon Australia against the will of the Australian people.

Whilst pushing this mass immigration and multiculturalism upon Australians, jewish elites work to explicitly advance the interests of their own ethnicity. In order to do so, they work to criminalise the explicit advancement of White Australian interests by White Australians.

Through the CSG they are stalking Australian activists and directing Australian security services to arrest them. When native Australians point out the undue influence of jewish interests on Australian politics they are dealt with. Not even Prime Ministers are safe.

It is an axiom that the definition of a democracy is a country controlled by jews, and the evidence collected here demonstrates that Australia is well and truly a democracy. Another definition of democracy is a system designed to fool its victims into believing they are free. We are told that democracy is the freest form of government in the world. What that means in practice is that any opposition to the government is condemned on the grounds of being “antidemocratic”, and is thus dealt with most “undemocratically”.

When anti-system activists are being constantly monitored for wrongthink by an unprecedented level of digital surveillance, and being silenced explicitly by the actions of Australian security services in collusion with the judicial system, we are very clearly no longer free. Given that this is done with the collusion of a foreign power, we are effectively under control by that foreign power and its agents. This pattern of foreign control is global.

This is why Australian nationalists point out the tyranny of modern Australia and the harm caused by jewish influence, regardless of the cost. Halting this government tyranny and removing this influence from our land is vital for the freedom and survival of our people.

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