What is the real problem with guns?


Ross Peitsch

Whenever there is another shooting in the US, the same old chestnut about gun control gets back in the headlines, along with constant reference to the same created example…… Australia.

But here is the real problem with guns: Firstly, the second amendment wasn’t written so that Americans were free to go and hunt pigs. It was written so they could defend themselves against a corrupt government should the need ever arise. It was just another among a number of directives, that make up the ‘safety net’ style nature of the Bill of Rights, which protects citizens against the establishment of dictatorial rule.

The second problem with guns directly relates to the first, and is thus: Every revolution that has ever been fought, has been fought with the weapons that citizens had in their wardrobes.

So if a group of world ruling elites were planning to impose a state of totalitarian control over the people, incorporating such draconian measures as mandated vaccines, digital identities, social credit scores and food rationing (just to name a few), then depriving citizens of the ability to fight back and overthrow the government via revolutionary uprising, would be of utmost importance. Because even the most impressionable of societies would eventually have to wake up to the fact that they had been duped big time by a government they had trusted enough to unquestioningly inject experimental medicine into their now deceased children, and the people they had dubbed ‘right wing extremist conspiracy theorists’ had in fact been correct and desperately trying to warn them of the impending danger.

It is human nature that at this point they would look for anyone to blame except themselves, and the ensuing grief and stupidity they felt would metabolise as blind ‘self-righteous’ rage….and uprising.

But getting weapons out of the gun loving hands of Americans is no easy accomplishment, and on every level, it appears the very well-planned operation to do so has not yielded the anticipated results. Which means we should also fully expect an escalation of events.

So how would one go about convincing Americans to voluntarily concede their much-loved weaponry? Well, I don’t know how they would do it, but personally, I would give them an example of how well gun laws have worked in another country over a 25-year period, while working constantly on indoctrinating the mindset of the next generation.

Of course, first I would need to convince another country (of small enough populace but large enough relevance that people would know of it), to implement gun laws that would serve as our example. Somewhere like Australia would be perfect. I’d plan a massacre and find a stool pigeon to take the fall for it. Someone who couldn’t even read, with a child mind IQ of 66, but who looked quite normal to the public, knowing the Australian people would be so disgusted they would just want him locked up, never to be heard of again, rather than asking many uncomfortable questions about the incident. I’d get the media, which I would control, to illegally release a picture of him prematurely, with a headline declaring him ‘the face of evil’, so all witness testimonies could not be admitted as evidence in the pursuing court case. I’d suppress many of the more questionable facts about the incident, such as how a shooter with a 66 IQ, (who for example may be blonde with fair complexion but said by witnesses to have dark hair and a pockmarked face), even though left-handed, might have managed to fire from the right hip, with an accuracy only achieved by 1% of the highest trained soldiers, even stopping firing after exactly 29 shots, leaving 1 shot in the breach during reloading, just as an expertly trained sniper would.

And having successfully brought about gun reform in our example country of small populace, I would then play up the amazing success the gun laws have had in this country (that never really had mass shootings to begin with), every time there was a mass shooting in the US, hammering home how successfully disarmament works.

Meanwhile, I’d continually make sure scrutinisation of those purchasing weapons was lax, and that nobody was asking such things as how a site like Twitter can so quickly detect and ban a MAGA supporter, yet fail to pick up on numerous tweets by a prospective murderer advertising to everyone openly what he or she is planning to do. Hell, I’d even arrange a few shootings if there weren’t enough occurring naturally. After all, it would be for the greater good.

So, that’s how I would do it. How they would do it, I don’t know. But what I am sure of is that few people have any awareness of the gravity of the evil at work in our world today, and that everything we are experiencing is not a result of recent events, but meticulous planning that has been patiently playing out over the past forty to fifty years.

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