NSW Counter Terrorism Police arrest student, bash his mum, shoot his dog


This is an important video we should all watch.

An employee of Labor Party affiliated influencer FriendlyJordies was arrested by plain clothes “counter-terrorism” political police who assaulted his family, nearly killed his dog, pinned him to the ground, handcuffed him and put him into an unmarked police car.

This was all done based on lies in a witness statement. Luckily, there is a video showing what actually happened. The employee innocuously tried to hand the alleged victim a legal document. A witness has later lied to the police. The employee was then arrested and charged with two counts of “stalk or intimidate intending to cause fear of physical or mental harm”.

Many on our side will laugh at Jordan because he has said jack shit about the constant state terror National Socialists and Australian nationalists more generally have been and are being subjected to, and has only raised alarm about the tyranny now that it has affected him.

This is wrong. Jordan has done a good thing. He has gotten a very important message across to a massive audience of predominately young people. He has built understanding in the populace of three very important things.

1. “Counter-terrorism” units are political police, who predominately focus on non-violent political and religious dissidents, and not only on those engaged in politically or religiously motivated violence.

2. “Counter-terrorism” police engage in state-sanctioned terror against regular people who displease the ruling class.

3. This political terror is becoming increasingly indiscriminate, and is not only confined to people constantly defamed by the media as being “extreme”, “fringe” and “terroristic”.

Hopefully, Jordan will make a video exposing the “counter-terrorism” intimidation racket more broadly. Even with his support for the Labor Party, he should not omit the criminality that scum like Kristina Keneally and Anne Aly are engaged and complicit in; he should not only focus on the Liberal Party criminals.

You can find Jacob Hersant on Telegram.

EDITOR: Okay so it’s possible they didn’t actually shoot the dog, but the headline is staying.