EUREKA STOCKADE 2.0: Melbourne Freedom Rally Tomorrow


Australia stands at the crossroads.

Covid Vaccine Passports to enter the country. Covid Vaccine Passports to buy a loaf of bread. Covid Vaccines being pushed on children, who are being manipulated into taking the jab without their parents’ consent.

Regardless of whether the vaccines are going to unleash a fresh wave of bioweapon hell upon this earth or whether they will just lead to excess deaths due to the fact they are still very much experimental, they are being used to implement a system of control on the world’s population straight out of every dystopian vision of the future ever conceived.

The government already tracks our every keystroke. It wants to control our every move, how far we travel, whom we see, talk to, how we spend our money, every choice we make.


The Global Covid Regime is introducing a Mark of the Beast System in every aspect bar putting chips in our foreheads and hands. Understandably, people have been getting a little agitated.

Huge protests are planned for tomorrow worldwide, including in every major Australian city.

The key will be Melbourne.

I have never seen anything like the measures they are taking to stop tomorrow’s protest in Melbourne. Rubber bullets. 2000 police. A Ring of Steel around the entire city. Suspending all public transport into the city between 8am and 2pm. Coordinated police swoops on rally organisers who are now in jail.

Melbourne is essentially on a war footing.

Why Melbourne? Canberra may be the political hub of the poison which has infected Australia in recent decades but Melbourne is the ideological and cultural heart of Australian Stalinism. If ordinary people can take it back then Canberra will look very, very shaky.

It is possible that tens of thousands of Melburnians will descend on the CBD tomorrow to tear away the barricades and demand an end to the lockdowns, a backdown on vaccine passports and a dismantling of the Orwellian system of control under which we now exist. Or it could be held at a different location. Who knows.

It has the potential to become Eureka Stockade 2.0.

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