JAB DEADLINE: Thousands of French Doctors QUIT, Aussie Doctors May Follow


France is seething.

Unlike the 1780’s, this time it is against the influence of the Freemasons. After the granny-chaser Macron gave French healthcare workers a deadline to get double jabbed by September 15 or face the sack, thousands have chosen to walk off the job rather than submit to mandatory vaccination:

Thousands of health workers across France have been suspended without pay for failing to get vaccinated against Covid-19 ahead of a deadline this week, Health Minister Olivier Veran said Thursday.

France’s national public health agency estimated last week that roughly 12 percent of hospital staff and around six percent of doctors in private practices have yet to be vaccinated.

“Some 3,000 suspensions were notified yesterday to employees at health centres and clinics who have not yet been vaccinated,” Veran told RTL radio.

He added that “several dozens” had turned in their resignations rather than sign up for the jabs.

That compares with 2.7 million health workers overall, Veran said, adding that “continued healthcare is assured.”

France’s Lying Press works in exactly the same way as our Lying Press, and for exactly the same reason.

Basically, don’t believe the numbers.

“A large number of these suspensions are only temporary” and mainly concern support staff, with “very few nurses” among those told to stay home, he said.

Based on figures provided by individual hospitals, the actual number of suspended employees could be higher.

The Paris hospital system said Thursday that 340 workers had been suspended.

Local press reports have cited large numbers at hospitals in smaller cities — up to 450 in Nice and 100 in Perpignan.

Available figures point to nearly 1,500 suspensions Thursday at just over a dozen hospitals, according to an AFP tally, with dozens more elsewhere across France.

If those are the numbers they’re giving us, you can guarantee they are much higher. This sets the scene for healthcare workers in Australia, as the NSW Regime has issued a similar ultimatum:

Thousands of NSW Health staff have yet to be vaccinated against Covid-19 and there are only two weeks left for them to get their first dose or they face losing their jobs.

All health care workers working for state facilities including ambulance workers and volunteers must get their first dose by September 30 in order to continue working.

Health Minister Brad Hazzard told reporters today that 88 per cent of staff have had at least one dose of a vaccine but rates in Sydney areas were higher – around 91 per cent had received a first dose and 86 per cent were fully vaccinated.

“There are areas that are a bit less – as you might expect some of the areas up on the north coast that traditionally have certain reluctance,” he said.

He said regional area vaccination rates were around 84 per cent.

Workers have until November 30 to have their second dose unless they can produce a medical contraindication certificate. About 80 per cent are already fully vaccinated.

Mr Hazzard said the consequences of not being vaccinated were still being looked at but indicated people could lose their jobs.

“If you’re in a position where you’re putting yourself, your colleagues or your patients at risk, you probably can’t continue in that position but we’re working through that,” Mr Hazzard said.

If thousands of doctors and nurses around the world are refusing to take the Covid vaccine we must ask; why? What’s in the vaccines? If they are so safe, and so vital in order to protect us from Covid, why are people with specialist knowledge dragging their feet or outright refusing to get vaccinated?

Makes you think.

We will soon discover if months of massive protests can force a policy change by the French and Australian Regimes. To do so, people in key positions in the system of control must be prepared to whether serious harship, to coordinate their actions and to stand firm in order to make the Global Covid Regime back down.

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