Tradies conduct Civil Disobedience in Melbourne


The Victorian government is currently focused on the building industry, in its passive aggressive strategy of gradually making the Covid vaccine mandatory by singling out one area of the workforce at a time.

Citing a claimed increase in Covid cases at construction sites, it has banned tea rooms and has set a deadline for construction workers to get their first jab of 11:59 pm, Thursday 23 September. After that they will need a Vaccine Passport.

Naturally, construction unions have been in lockstep with the Victorian government on the vaccine mandate. This is unsurprising as unions have long been political lapdogs of governments and Marxists,

Tradies found a creative way to protest against this yesterday, turning main streets in Melbourne’s CBD and inner suburbs into tea rooms.

These tradies took a popular anti-mandatory jab soccer chant from England and adapted it for local conditions.

Intriguingly, police treated the tradies with a lot more caution than unarmed peaceful protesters last month, whom they sprayed with rubber bullets at close range.

Or the way they treated Nick Patterson and his crew.

Construction workers are threatening to down tools again on September 20.

A massive World Wide Rally for Freedom protest is also planned for today somewhere in Melbourne.

This will be an interesting period for the Covid Regime and for the Australian people.

Over the last three decades the Australian government was able to maintain the illusion that our economy was growing, after it forced heavy industry offshore due to so-called “free trade”, by mass importing millions of foreigners so that our strongest lads could build apartments and houses for our demographic replacements.

Similarly during the Covid lockdowns, the government has been able to maintain the illusion that it can keep the economy ticking over when it locks down entire cities, by letting its mates in the construction industry keep building the accomodation for our replacers (once the borders reopen of course).

All this hinges on one thing. The good, simple men in the construction industry. Much depends on whether they can force them to take the coronavirus vaccine.

Many tradies are immune to the politically correct, agenda driven politics of the last few decades, another reason the government has been so keen to replace them demographically and now to jab them.

Their decision will affect the destiny of many.

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