“MATURE MINOR”: Victorian Kids can get Covid Vaccine WITHOUT Parental Consent


A disturbing letter has circulated to Victorian parents informing them that their children can take the not-vaccine without their consent.

It is bad enough that they want to force the not-vaccine on young children:

We have written to your child to provide them with information about their eligibility for getting a vaccination. Students will be supported in every way possible to be vaccinated before the end of the school year.

Footage has emerged of a child collapsing at Sydney’s Olympic Stadium after he was injected with the not-vaccine.

The Lying Press have screamed that this is fake news but people insist the story is true. Furthermore, statistics from Australia demonstrate that because people are more likely to die having taken the vaccine than to die unvaccinated from Covid, and because children are the least at risk of dying from Covid, it is unconscionable to push the Covid vaccine ln children.

But it gets worse. Children can get the not-vaccine without their parent’s consent:


Students aged 12 to 15 can book their own appointment and may be able to consent to vaccination themselves if the health professional assesses them to be a mature minor. This means that the health professional assesses that they understand the information relevant to this decision to be vaccinated and the effect of that decision.

Where a student is not considered to be a mature minor by the health professional, the health professional will seek consent from the parent/carer.

This letter is legit. The concocted term “mature minor” appears on a Victorian Department of Education website with regard to vaccination:

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance on when and how to assess a student as being mature enough to make their own decision about a particular issue.


  • Where a student under the age of 18 asks to make a decision instead of their parent or carer, principals or others working with students in schools can decide that the student is capable of making their own decision i.e. that they are a mature minor for the purpose of making a particular decision.
  • To be considered a mature minor, principals or others working with students must be satisfied that the student has sufficient maturity, understanding and intelligence to understand the nature and effect of their particular decision.
  • A student can be considered capable of making some decisions but not others.

The Lying Press appear to be normalising the concept of the “mature minor”:

“Competency to consent” refers to the capacity of someone under 18 to consent to or refuse medical treatment. It signifies the minor has reached sufficient intelligence and understanding to fully understand the proposed treatment. The seriousness of the treatment is taken into consideration and capacity is assessed by individual health professionals. If deemed competent, then there’s no legal requirement for parental or guardian consent. Although, parental consent in addition to adolescent consent is encouraged as best practice.

So it’s a thing.

It is here that we get to the heart of the darkness behind everything. In Victoria, parents can be jailed for objecting to their children mutilating their own genitals.

The world over, weirdos are teaching “consent” to children.

I haven’t watched the video, I just checked the first five seconds to make sure it is what it says it is. It is.

Everybody knows that the idea of teaching “consent” to a child is absurd, because everybody knows that if a child does not want to do something you are bloody well going to know about it.

This leads us to question the motives of the people pushing the idea that children need to be taught about “consent” and can be classified as “mature minors”. It leads exactly where you think it leads.

The question of whether these pedophiles used the pretext of “transitioning” children as a trojan horse to push the Covid not-vaccine on children, or whether they are using the concept of a “mature minor” “consenting” to a not-vaccination as a way of normalising pedophilia, is irrelevant.

These people want to rape your children and they want to sacrifice them to moloch. It is all one and the same to them.