It’s Official: Vaccine Passport Now MANDATORY To Enter Australia


Australia’s political class has spent months prepping Aussies for what they repeatedly told us was inevitable – Vaccine Passports. They told us again and again that it has already been decided, there is nothing we can do about it, this is the New World Order and if we “troll” by complaining about human rights they will come after us “lock, stock and barrel”.

Now they’ve done it:

Travellers wanting to enter Australia will need to prove they’ve been vaccinated through a new digital border pass.

The Federal Government’s Digital Passenger Declaration (DPD) will list vaccination details and replace the current paper incoming passenger card.

The digital information will be be passed on to state authorities so that they can trace the contacts of a positive COVID-19 case if they need to.

The new system is designed to enable a return to wide scale international travel within months.

Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews said the DPD would support the “safe reopening of the border at scale when supported by health advice” by providing digitally verified COVID-19 vaccination details.

“This will help us to welcome home increasing numbers of Australians and welcome the tourists, travellers, international students, skilled workers and overseas friends and family we’ve all been missing during the pandemic,” she said.

They always present the incremental increase in totalitarian control as a positive step, as something which brings joy to people and gives us more freedom. The terms “freedom” and “comply”, or relevant synonyms, are generally juxtaposed for some reason.

The establishment of a domestic Vaccine Passport system is already well underway. In NSW venues are being forbidden from employing or serving people who have not been vaccinated, and the Victorian Regime is threatening to do the same. As far as The XYZ is aware, Queensland still requires so-called “essential workers” to be vaccinated. However, the South Australian Regime recently backed down on a similar law after threats of strike action from truckies.

Considered in context of a similar backdown by the British government, it is clear that repeated mass demonstrations by the population against this imposition of tyrannical control are able to slow the pace of our descent into hell.

Be aware that the puppet rulers of this world serve the real rulers of this world, who owe their allegiance to those who dwell in the hell into which we are sliding. They won’t stop. They never stop.

There is another big protest planned for this weekend.