Food For Thought – Their Violence Is Speech, Our Speech Is Violence

Lachy Hulme from Stan TV series Romper Stomper (Left), Ryan Fletcher after being assaulted by ANTIFA at a Halal rally in Ascot Vale in 2016 (Right)

Back in 2016 XYZers may recall I was smashed in the face with a metal pipe by a “Jewish anti-Nazi militia” (aka ANTIFA) in full view of police.

Following my ambulance ride and hospital visit in relation to this “direct action” by ANTIFA, no investigation into the assault was conducted by Victorian Police, even though it subsequently made various online, print and television media (both MSM and alt-media).

I was mocked and threatened relentlessly over this assault by online accounts which expressed solidarity with the likes of Julie Nathan, and simultaneously censored by normie social media (until being ultimately deplatformed from said platforms at the end of 2017).

In 2018 this ANTIFA attack was depicted by a composite character (Blake Farron) played by Lachy Hulme on the television series Romper Stomper, which was released on the video streaming network Stan. Hulme’s character, which is portrayed in the most disparaging manner possible, get’s murdered during the series, and is contrasted with a benevolent brown ANTIFA ally working in aged care (which coincidentally is the same industry in which I work).

Stan, which generates roughly $116.6 million AUD in revenue from 2.1 million users, can safely be classed as a kosher certified media platform, enjoying the privileges afforded to it by the anti-White neo-liberal plutocratic establishment.

In 2019 former director-general of ASIO Duncan Lewis virtue signaled to this sort of establishment Romper Stomper media depiction by publicly outlining his opinion that Australian patriots and nationalists are supposedly a clear and present terrorist threat to Australia.

Kristina Keneally, the Labor Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate, Shadow Minister for Home Affairs, and Shadow Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, has recently outlined that “We know that for ASIO some 30-40 per cent of their counter-terrorism work is now on right-wing extremism”.

Keneally is one of the key voices behind this parliamentary joint committee on intelligence and security looking to rail-road Australian nationalists and patriots

In 2020, where the roll-out of COVID tyranny saw to an increase in state repression powers to arrest grannies and pregnant mothers, I was raided and arrested by a counter-terrorism unit of the Victorian Police for the crime of shitposting.

One must assume that Victorian Police consider it legally permissible to intentionally hospitalize pro-White activists, harass and stalk said activists, then make a multi-million dollar propaganda film about it passing as a “crime drama and political thriller”.

Meanwhile it seems authorities consider it a blatant crime punishable by fine, imprisonment, employment termination, “dehoming” and bankruptcy to say a single solitary derogatory word against the exterminationists seeking global gentile death, because the Talmud apparently supersedes ALL other religious, academic and artistic consideration.

Thus is it safe to say their violence is speech, whereas our speech is deemed violence by the Purim police state?

Food For Thought.

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