The god of the Talmud is not the God of the Bible


It’s amazing that in the current year there are still Christians who don’t get this.

It’s really not complicated.

No wonder atheists think we’re stupid. The majority of Christians – decent, Godfearing, saved believers – will still recite faithfully what their orange evangelical heroes on TV told them about the Old Testament being Judaism and the New Testament being Christian.

It’s a lie of demons, and those fat wolves are going to spitroast alive for eternity for the deception they have perpetrated upon the church and the horrors they have enabled upon the earth, all to advance a fake theology for a fake religion centred around a fake country created for a fake race.

A fake race who return this idolatry with contempt and scorn.

The cult of Christian Zionism is a Babushka doll of Yiddish lies, and to ascertain the truth about how Christians are to relate to what today are called Jews and what today is called Israel, we must begin taking apart each lie, one by one.

As I’ve written repeatedly, Judaism today is not based upon the Torah. It is antithetical to everything in the Old Testament. It is based upon the Babylonian Talmud, the ‘oral law’ of the rabbis which was a fusion of Canaanite blood ritual magic and the Egyptian and Babylonian mystery religion. It’s a mystery cult. That is what Jesus condemned during his ministry, and three centuries later Jewish rabbis wrote down their abominable beliefs in the Talmud.

Observant Jews today follow Halachic Law. They will say it’s from the Torah. Jews will say they ‘keep Torah’ or ‘study Torah’. They lie. They only follow the Talmud and Kabbalah. They never read what we call the Old Testament, and they think Christians are foolish to believe we can understand it without the Talmud.

Torah Judaism is the religion given to the Israelites through Moses, and was based around first the tabernacle and then the temples. The Torah Jews of the first century became Christians, because they could recognise the Messiah; only those who followed what became Talmudic Judaism remained Jewish.

Despite what Christian Zionist pastors teach today, David was not a ‘Jew’. Daniel was not a ‘Jew’. Elijah was not a ‘Jew’. Moses was not a ‘Jew’. Jacob and Isaac were not ‘Jews’. Abraham was not a ‘Jew’. The group of people who are called Jews today are a racial mixture from all over the Middle East and Eastern Europe, with not even a biological connection to the Israelites of the Old Testament. If you think the biological descendants of the ancient Israelites are owed the little strip of shithole between Egypt and Lebanon, then it should go to the Palestinians.

If you’re a Christian and you ‘stand with Israel’, you don’t know your Bible. God is not a racial supremacist real estate agent. Read Galatians 3:16.

Talmudic Judaism is the religion of the rabbis which comes from the worship of the golden calf at the base of Sinai. It is based around synagogues, which only came into being during the Hellenistic Period just before Jesus. The word itself isn’t even Hebrew. It’s Greek.

Today’s Judaism is Pharisaism. Three centuries after the destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD, the rabbis wrote down their ‘oral law’ in the Mishnah and the Gemara. These became the Babylonian Talmud. Later, the Zohar was added, which laid down the principles of Kabbalah, which is sorcery. There is also a Palestinian Talmud, although it’s used less frequently.

How could there have been a Palestinian Talmud when Palestine never existed though…?

Like I said, a Babushka doll of lies.

When Jews talk about ‘Torah’, they’re lying. They don’t read it and they don’t know it. Their religion is an affront to everything God revealed about himself to Moses and the Israelites.

The Seal of Solomon on Israel’s flag is referred to in Acts 7:43 as the star of Moloch.

The reality is, the Old Testament is Christian. If Jews followed the OT, they’d come to know the Messiah. Jesus said as much (John 8:31-47). God’s relationship with humanity goes back much further than the Jews of the first century AD, and the promise of a Messiah was first made to Eve (Genesis 3:15). Salvation was never given to a unique race; it was always to children of the promise who believed on the coming, present and (now come) Christ.

The bigoted, supremacist beliefs revealed in the Talmud are of course offensive to all goyim, however the blasphemous and Satanic beliefs and practices of Kabbalah are most shocking to Christians when we first learn them. Talmudic Judaism, as revealed in the Kabbalah, is a polytheistic religion. The primary deity in Talmudic Judaism is Ein Sof, who is genderless and without form. According to the rabbis, Ein Sof created Elohim, the God of the Bible, who is a hermaphrodite.

The deity the rabbis spend most effort seeking through their mystical practices, however, is Metatron. Even a cursory overview of the description of Metatron reveals it’s another name for the being the Bible calls Satan, the god of this world. He is the god of the Talmud.

Once Christians understand this, the great falling away we have seen in the church becomes more understandable. We have chased after strange gods.

We haven’t been fighting a futile, 50-year culture war against ‘the left’. We’ve been fighting it against Talmudic utopianism. That’s the spirit behind globohomo, and we have made an idol of it in the postmodern church.

And this spirit hates Christianity.

You can know a tree by its fruit (Luke 6:43-45), and the tree of death that is Talmudic Judaism is rotten to the roots.

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It’d be hilarious if it wasn’t so dangerous. Throughout history, Jewish people have refused to face the truth about how they perceive the rest of humanity and the role this plays in ‘anti-Semitism’. Maintaining supremacist beliefs and abominable practices secretly is a surefire way to make yourselves unpopular, and this has been the tragic pattern of historical relations between the Jews and the rest of humanity, not just Christians.

We have tried since World War II to solve this ongoing problem by pretending it doesn’t exist, and banning anyone from discussing the topic. This hasn’t worked. It has only built up the social pressure under the surface, and it will only take a mild rupture for the same cycle of violence and persecution to break out again. At this point, it seems almost inevitable, given that Muslims feel much the same way.

As a Christian, I am commanded by God to not hate Jews, but to witness fearlessly to them (Romans 11:28). Jesus also clearly showed us that violence is not the way God’s people deal with Jewish persecution (Luke 22:47-53). Although Talmudic Judaism worships Satan, he hates the Jews just as he hates Christians. The curse built into Talmudic Judaism serves the agenda of Satan to exterminate the Jews quite well, I believe. Jesus warned us of a terrible massacre in Judea just prior to His return, and this seems to be part of Satan’s plan for vengeance (Matthew 24:15-22).

The only hope for Jews is to come out of that accursed Pharasaic cult of the rabbis. Renounce it, and the curse it brings. Leave the self-imposed spiritual ghetto, while there’s still time.

Talmudism and Kabbalah may bring power in this world, but they also bring death. There is no love; only self. Empty materialism and shallow pleasure. To seem a king but be a slave.

And once you encounter the living God, you see it’s much better to seem a slave but live a king forever.

Originally published at End Times Herald.