Australia is an Unsuccessful Multicultural Dictatorship


Australia is the most successful multicultural democracy in the world, apparently. So successful that nobody wants to fight for it.

So successful, that Federal Police carried out counterterrorism raids in Western Sydney on the day before Anzac Day.

From Sky News:

The Joint Counter Terrorist Team (JCTT) has made seven arrests during raids across Sydney in the wake of the alleged terrorist incident which saw a religious leader stabbed in Western Sydney last week.

Following the alleged terrorist attack, New South Wales Police Deputy Commissioner David Hudson said “a number of associates were identified” which authorities believed warranted further police attention and investigation.

“We will allege that these individuals adhere to a religiously motivated violent extremist ideology,” he said.

The commissioner said the targeted individuals posed a significant threat to public safety.

At 11.15am on Wednesday morning, more than 400 federal and NSW police officers executed thirteen search warrants. The execution of search warrants is still ongoing.

Police have made seven arrests so far and five individuals are assisting police with further inquiries.

“There is no ongoing threat to the community and the action we have taken today has mitigated any risk of future or father harm,” Mr Hudson said.

“We are also in the process of engaging with our local community leaders to ensure calm in the suburbs of southwestern Sydney.”

Australia is such a successful multicultural democracy that at the time the headline first appeared, nobody could tell if they were going after a jihadi, a Christian or an Aussie who had politely suggested online that perhaps we would have a little more “social cohesion” if we didn’t import over 100,000 migrants a month.

Interestingly, several Syrian Christians who had rallied to defend their church in the immediate aftermath of the stabbing of Bishop Mari on April 15 were targeted for arrest even before the counterterrorism raids. I guess that’s what they mean by “ensure calm”.

Given this is the second time Syrian Christians have rallied to protect their church in recent years, the Regime could well be concerned that White Christians may get some funny ideas too, and start exhibiting similar group behaviour to muslims.

One is tempted to gloat that these based migrants are about to discover that their own ethnicity is just as susceptible as Anglos to the degenerative effects of Liberalism once the Regime has its all seeing eye focused upon them. However it is important to understand that aside from the raids, every totalitarian measure we have seen in the ten days since has been directed at Anglos.

Aside from some notable exceptions, every politician and newspaper in the land is insisting that White Australians cannot be allowed to see the footage of Bishop Mari being stabbed or discuss it online.

Bishop Mari Stabbing Video

They are all reading from the same script because they are all on the same side. Intriguingly, they have no qualms airing footage if it is Whitey doing the punching:

The censorship communism has escalated to the point that Elon Musk, who is being threatened with ridiculous fines if he doesn’t ban the video worldwide, is practically at war with the Australian Regime.

I have had several favourite moments.

The eStalking Commissioner.

Also, when the PM waxed indignant that wags online had been doctoring his image, he triggered a deluge of memes.

The point is, we’re approaching a late 2021 moment, ie when Putin magically cured Covid just when it looked as though locked down Western countries were set for revolution. At current trends, Australia could import 1 million migrants in a year, under the pretext that we need more migrants to build houses for all the migrants we’re importing.

It’s called a Ponzi scheme, and it’s impossible.

Working and middle class Aussies with jobs are living in tents and in their cars because higher demand equals higher inflation. It doesn’t matter how high interest rates go, or how many businesses go under, when you import 100,000 migrants a month, rents and house prices will keep skyrocketing.

When you’ve already lost or are about to lose everything, the negative social consequences of saying something “racist” doesn’t bother you so much. Thus, Aussies are likely to conclude that diversity plus proximity really does equal conflict, to demand action on mass immigration, and to take matters into their own hands when their demands are not met.

Censoring the stabbing video, censoring news regarding diversity incidents, (even shutting down the African Gangs taskforce) works along the same logic as censoring news of worldwide mass protests during the plandemic. If normies don’t know it’s happening, you can limit the contagion.

As The Noticer puts it:

“They don’t want to address the root causes of the problem, they want to stop you talking about it.”

Here’s the thing about multiculturalism. It doesn’t exist. Mass immigration leads to multiple ethnic groups residing in their own staked out geographic regions within the nation which imports them. This happens every single time. It fragments and destroys nations.

The major political parties all support mass immigration because they benefit from it and because they hate us. They know we oppose our own replacement but they don’t care.

Because mass immigration and so-called “multiculturalism” undermine “social cohesion”, it requires governments to stifle political freedom to maintain order and an air of Regime legitimacy. The events of the last week have borne out the truth of this axiom, (as if the harassment and wrongful imprisonment of dissidents, and the Covid Tyranny of 2020-22 wasn’t enough). Thus the slogan “most successful multicultural democracy in the world” is self contradictory, as multiculturalism undermines democracy.

Here’s the thing about “democracy”. It doesn’t exist either.

It is not a contest of ideas. It is a mechanism by which foreigners can subvert your country and destroy it. Whenever ordinary people find a platform on which to oppose the destruction of their country, those in power ragequit and declare their opponents terrorists.

Consider the implications of the fact that our rulers see the outcomes of elections as a “threat to our democracy”, ie their democracy. It means that every thought, word and deed falls under a binary category of either **Regime Approved** or “misinformation”. They must have control over every human and online interaction, or risk losing power.

Orwell wasn’t warning us about communism, he was warning us about democracy.

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