Deep State Decree – ANTIFA Are “Courageous” And Cool


Since the start of 2017 I haven’t readily watched television. Call it a self-imposed exile from the purgatorial-like punishment that is clown-world these days.

Last week one of my mates on Gab suggested I have a watch of an Aussie television series called Romper Stomper (released in January, 2018 by Stan). The opening scene of episode one depicts a protest by a fictional “far-right” group called Patriot Blue at a halal festival in St Kilda which is attacked by black bloc communist rioters.

Sound familiar?

I’ve yet to finish watching this series but from what I’ve seen this glossy TV-show produced by Stan is typical establishment propaganda. Namely, portraying ANTIFA as the virtuous underdog protagonists while maligning the White patriots/nationalists as unhinged pariahs.

But as we know the establishment propaganda mills cheering on the ANTIFA black bloc are in no short supply of money thanks to ripping off tax-payers (FYI your XYZ operates on a shoe-string budget by comparison):

Meanwhile in the real world, ANTIFA are bolstered by the banks and big tech, while White Nationalists are being openly targeted by legislative committees and “security services” who’re colluding with the black bloc communists.

As Nationalists have been routinely doxed and driven out of their place of employment by unemployed “anti-fascist” leeches, Democrat frontrunners like creepy Joe Biden have made these “courageous” communists his key campaign-point:

I agree creepy Joe, President Donald Trump was wrong to say “there were some very fine people on both sides”. NOBODY on the side of ANTIFA are fine people! ANTIFA are a tool of the globalist system, so is it any surprise that no-one with a three digit IQ who cares about their nation’s posterity is buying the snake oil trope that “antifascists” are courageous, cool and edgy?

Food For Thought.

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