Food For Thought – Shitposting Is Art

Artcrime, a coming attraction brought to you by the kleptocratic kritarchy. Image by Ryan Fletcher

Back in December of 2019, which should be noted is less than 12 months prior to the seizure of my XYZ art portfolios by the Victorian Police’s Security Intelligence Unit, I produced A Ryan Rant which should be noted closely by Australian shitposters.

Whilst no self-respecting based shitposter is receiving a $25,000 “premier award” cash prize from the establishment for their art, shitposting is undoubtedly a form of art and deservedly protected under both subsections (a) and (b) of 18D (Exemptions) of the Federal Racial Discrimination Act 1975.

It is also deservedly protected under subsection (a) of Section 11 (Exceptions—public conduct) of the Victorian Racial and Religious Tolerance Act 2001.

In fairness to readers I’m not a cop, lawyer or judge but I can understand the English language well enough to know that is what is explicitly outlined in the aforementioned legislations. I challenge anyone who reads those sections to interpret it differently.

Now I might be just some pleb aged care worker with epilepsy and mental health problems who frequents online as a cartoon character, but when someone like myself is regarded as a “security threat” to the broader public you have got to wonder what the real priorities are of the anti-White system.

I wonder if the [REDACTED] micro-minority don’t want people knowing how much undue influence, affluence and power they have over our nations?

Food for thought.

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