“Modi is The Boss”: 20,000 Indians Welcome Conquerer to Sydney


This is not, as claimed by the Lying Press, an event attended by thousands from the “Indian community” to hear the “rockstar” Indian PM give a speech.

This is an old school Triumph March by a foreign king, making this fact abundantly clear to his new subjects.

The puppet governor of the client territory pays obeisance to his master.

“Modi is the boss”.

Tell me agains how 1.428 billion Indians worldwide constitute a “minority”:

Thousands of members of Australia’s Indian community have given a rapturous stadium welcome to Anthony Albanese and Narendra Modi as a new centre for Australia-India relations was announced for Sydney’s west.

The two prime ministers were constantly cheered at the Olympic Park rally on Tuesday evening ahead of more formal talks between the pair planned for Wednesday.

Albanese announced the centre to help foster new ties and strengthen relations between both nations would be based in Parramatta, “a place that itself is a testament to the vitality of the Indian-Australian experience”.

Code for “Indians have replaced White Aussies in Parramatta”.

“We want to see more connections, more Australian and Indian students living and studying in each other’s countries and bringing those experiences home.”

The government on Tuesday night announced members of the advisory board for the new centre, including the former Australian cricket captain Adam Gilchrist.

You cannot have anything, White man. Even one of your greatest living cricketers is now a shill for your own replacement. Cricket is fake, brown and gay.

Albanese urged those in the crowd to vote yes in the upcoming referendum on an Indigenous voice to parliament.

Undermining the institutional power of White Australians enhances the power of Australia’s future Indian ruling class.

He said the last time he saw someone on the stage at the venue was a Bruce Springsteen concert but he hadn’t received as big a welcome as Modi did.

“Prime minister Modi is the boss,” Albanese said.

Addressing the crowd, he said they had “brought the spirit of the world’s biggest democracy to Australia”. “And you have helped make our democracy stronger and more inclusive.”

The prime ministers also unveiled a plaque for the foundation stone of the Little India gateway in Sydney’s Harris Park.

In practice, the fantasy of so-called “multiculturalism” reinforces the reality of ethnic nationalism. Different ethnicities centralise in geographic enclaves and essentially claim the territory as their own, forming little nations within a nation.

Late last year, 90,000 Indians and Pakistanis packed the MCG for a T20 cricket match between India and Pakistan. Indians now dominate the housing market in Melbourne’s west. Essentially, Indians exert cultural dominance over large areas of Australian cities, to the point where violent battles between rival Indian ethno-religious factions are now a frequent occurrence in Melbourne.

Let’s look logically at what occurred in Sydney yesterday rather than the delusion dished up to us. The following video of a homeless tent city is from Brisbane, not Los Angeles.

Decades of mass immigration had already pushed housing prices and rents to unsustainable levels pre-Covid. The lockdowns and vaccine mandates drove many Australians to the wall. Reckless government spending during lockdowns drove inflation post-Covid.

Desperate to avoid a massive recession and likely depression, the one trick pony Australian Regime is pumping mass immigration – which caused the inflation/housing crisis/recession in the first place – to unprecedented levels.

A huge proportion of new invaders will come from India. Prime Minister AnAl knows many Aussies will never vote for him again, thus he is courting the vote of Indians for temporary political advantage.

In the short to medium term this means that hundreds of thousands of Australians will go homeless as the Australian building industry grapples with a shortfall of 212,000 houses in coming years as it fails to meet demand.

In the medium to long term this means Anglo Australians will be replaced in our own country.

This brings us back to the headline. India and China are basically playing a massive, irl game of Civilization while Australians live in a make believe world of Liberalism where everybody just wants to be an individual pursuing purely economic interests so God, race, culture and power don’t matter.

The Indians and Chinese people are not immigrants, they are colonists for their respective empires.

The 21st Century will witness not only World War III between Clownworld against a Russian-Chinese Alliance, but World War IV between China and India. By the time this occurs both nations will number populations in the billions, whose people reside in every city in the developed world. Australia will be fought over purely as a resource with no thought given to the impact on whoever lives here.

Bearing this in mind, Australians should continue the political fight on all fronts. Work to regain political control of Australia in the long term, while settling multiple, significant populations across the country to exert cultural and political dominance over our own geographical areas and maximise the chance of survival.

Given the way World Wars tend to go these days, it’s probably worth having a chat to God about your soul, too.

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