Melbourne Race War: Armed Hindus and Sikhs do Battle


Diversity is our greatest strength.

How good’s the food?

The peaceful Indians must have learned racism from White people.

Let’s see how the Lying Press damage controls this one:

Police deployed pepper spray during a small scuffle between rival protesters in Melbourne on Sunday after thousands of Sikh Victorians voted in a non-binding referendum on the creation of an independent Sikh state.

The brief fracas broke out at 4.30pm after a group of pro-India supporters waving national flags arrived at the voting site in Federation Square.

A “small scuffle”. A “brief fracas”.

That’s a riot. Actually, it’s a battle. Staves were used:

One next to a pram:

A little dust up. Boys will be boys, eh?

This was a planned, organised ambush with weapons.

You are looking at politically motivated violence. That is literal terrorism.

If this had involved White Australians you wouldn’t be reading this. Counterterrorism police would have already shot me through the walls of my bedroom in the middle of the night:

Five people across the pro-India and pro-Sikh camps were pepper-sprayed and one man was handcuffed and led away by officers.

Victoria Police said in a statement there had been an earlier scuffle connected to the event at 12.45pm.

As a result of Sunday’s incidents, a 34-year-old man and a 39-year-old man were arrested and issued a penalty notice for riotous behaviour.

Lying Press journalists are both incompetent as well as evil. They just contradicted their own opening paragraphs. If two men were issued penalty notices for “riotous behaviour” that means the “brief fracas” was in fact a riot.

At least they acknowledged that graffiti attacks against Melbourne temples in the last fortnight were precursors of yesterday’s minor melee.

The Lying Press article proceeds with a summary of India’s domestic political situation and why voting was being held in an Australian capital city for said Indian domestic dispute. The comments sections on all the videos are full of different subcontinentals arguing with each other about it.

Let me make this abundantly clear.



I cannot even be bothered finding out if this is an ethnic dispute, a religous dispute, or an ethno-religious dispute.

Because nobody cares.

The incredible irony is that this adorable playfight occurred at Federation Square, named in honour of the birth of our nation, just days after we celebrated Australia Day.

In 1901 the states of the Australian colony federated for the explicit purpose of providing a common defence for an White Anglo Australian ethnostate. After World War 2 for no reason whatsoever our leaders decided to betray the primary reason for federation and instead let the entire world in.

Holding a referendum on a foreign country’s domestic politics in a square named in honour of the founding of what was intended to be the White Australian ethnostate was from the outset a grave insult to us and our forebears.

The fact that it resulted in a jolly old shindig was quite fitting, and justifies the entire purpose for the original founding of the White Australian ethnostate.

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