“Nice BBQ” leads to Race War in Melbourne’s West


The Lying Press are insisting that one random group of men had a massive brawl with weapons with another group of random men for no reason whatsoever. The police don’t know who they are or why on earth they fought.


A vicious brawl broke out between more than 50 party guests leaving three men in hospital with ‘serious injuries’ after tension boiled over at a barbeque. 

CCTV footage shows several men wielding bats and planks of wood outside a Laverton North warehouse in ‘s west.

It is understood about 20-30 employees were enjoying a barbecue at Tiger Trailers after work when a second group of men appeared between 9 and 10pm.

Paramedics were called to the bloody scene but did not treat or pick anyone up.

Police were able to track six people involved in the brawl who went to hospitals around the Melbourne’s west.

A 36-year-old, a 35-year-old and a 28-year-old, all from Melbourne’s western suburbs, remain in hospital with serious injuries on Sunday, with two of the men suffering head wounds.

Officers said they were baffled about why a ‘nice barbecue’ after work turned violent and what the relationship between the two groups is.

The Simpsons have a meme for this.

Officers say there’s no clear motive for the clash and detectives are still unable to determine ‘why the other party has attended, or the relationship between the two parties’.

‘For something like this to happen, with six victims overall, for people that were just meant to be having a nice barbecue after work, it’s obviously of great concern for us,’ Detective Senior Constable Erin Hardie said.

CCTV footage is being scoured to discover the exact number of men involved and to gather other information for the ongoing investigation.

So far no arrests have been made.

Okay Erin, let me help you.

CCTV footage clearly shows men of subcontinental or Middle Eastern appearance, some holding cricket bats, and quite a few of whom wore turbans.

They even appear to have a ringleader, this guy.

In recent months, several Hindu temples were vandalised in Melbourne, and a pitched battle between armed men occurred between different subcontinental factions in the heart of Melbourne outside a polling booth for an election occurring in India.

On social media, a member of one of the subcontinental factions told us straight up who they were.

Actually Erin, I don’t think you need my help at all. You know who these people were and why they fought, you just don’t want to tell us because it contradicts The Narrative.

These people simply shouldn’t be here. They are not Australians and they are bringing their subcontinental tribal warfare to Australia.

A brief analysis of the footage and this years’ incidents in instructive for Australians. What we see are different ethnic or religious factions being territorial. The factions are aggressively attacking the territory of the other while aggressively defending their own.

This is completely normal human behaviour. Untamed foreigners who have not yet been subjected to full spectrum Cultural Marxism recently recently repelled a groomer invasion on their territory in Western Sydney.

We used to do this sort of thing. Our ancestors fought and died defending our territory, and proceeded to ask why on earth the people they fought against were being brought into our territory the moment the fighting had ceased. We used colloquial terms for outsiders which reinforced our own sense of community and ethnic solidarity, but these were labelled “racist”, which the government systematically conditioned us against and eventually banned us from using.

Now we cannot even think in terms of us and them, so our territory is left wide open.

Most Australians have been so brainwashed by this programming, and the Lying Press and Police hold so stringently to the antiwhite politically correct line that we are incapable of identifying rival, foreign ethnic factions warring with each other on the streets of Melbourne.

Instead it’s just a nice BBQ that got out of hand.

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