Our cunning plan to destroy the Liberal Party is working


In just a few days the brave actions of 20 big strong men has changed the face of Australian politics. On Saturday Thomas Sewell’s men became a vanguard against antifa terrorists for the Let Women Speak rally in Melbourne.

20 Aussie men stood down 300 antifa terrorists, and won.

In the days since, event organisers and the Liberal Party have been tying themselves in knots attempting to hold an impossible middle ground between the radical factions on the left and right. Those involved with the event claim they thought the NSN contingent were antifa, while also acknowledging that they were “big strong men”.

Cue the memes.

When the pressure started to mount on Moira Deeming, a Liberal Party MP who attended the protest, she threw her protectors under the bus.

It didn’t stop the short little Italian in charge of the Victorian Liberal Party from denouncing Deeming and vowing to expel her from the party.

Naturally, this concession has placed pressure on the Federal Leader of the Opposition, Peter Dutton, to apologise as well.

Never apologise. It’s that simple.

Also, the Liberal Party is basically expelling an MP for saying that women have a vagina.

This comes in the wake of its expulsion of Victorian MP Bernie Finn in 2022 for opposing groomer propaganda in Primary Schools and baby murder, and its resistance to Renee Heath sitting in the party room. At the federal level it failed to fully support the candidacy of Katherine Deves after she opposed groomer propaganda, and in 2021 in South Australia an attempt by Christians to regain control of the purported “conservative” party was quashed.

However, this episode goes far deeper, as it has exposed the long term impossibility of the Liberal Party and whatever milquetoast opposition astroturfs up to oppose the latest Cultural Marxist thrust in the Eternal Culture War.

For example, a stated aim of the Let Women Speak rally was to oppose the encroachment of men upon “women only spaces”. Sadly, they’re not taking about the kitchen, (screenshot away, lurkers). They’re quite rightly talking about female bathrooms, but they’re also talking about women’s sportsball. XYZ News has noted with great schadenfreude that the same Liberalism which drives the Lying Press and the corporate world to elevate women’s sportsball onto the same pedestal as men’s sportsball is the same Liberalism which demands men who “identify as women” should be allowed to play women’s sportsball.

They are always going to lose because you cannot fight Liberalism with Liberalism.

Intriguingly, both supporters of the Let Women Speak Rally and crazy trans activists have been fighting over whose side XYZ News is on:

They ignore the fact that Moira Deeming’s please-don’t-call-me-racist statement confirms what XYZ News had posted based on a few quick Google searches and gut political instinct:

“The event was very ably organised by Angela Jones, a left-wing, pro-gay rights Jewish woman.”

We called it:

Speaking plainly, grassroots movements which initially oppose Globohomo tend to be infiltrated and directed by, if not jews, then at least atheist radical feminists with funny sounding hyphenated surnames, who are at heart liberals who merely want to turn back the clock of Liberalism to 1993 or the 70’s or something.

Whether it is Reclaim Australia, the anti-lockdown and anti-vax movements, or pro-biological reality protests, the goal is always the same:

* Prevent White people from organising and coalescing into a movement which genuinely advocates for our own interests.
* Misdirecting them to reinforce the progress of Liberalism and maintain support for Israel.


Both the groomer ideology of “trans” activists and the lesbianism promoted by Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull are forms of Liberalism directed by the Globohomo regime at White people in order to undermine White families, birthrates and social cohesion.

It explains the statement made at very short notice but to no avail in support of Deeming by the Australian Jewish Association.

Furthermore, Minshull’s open promotion of sodomy proves our point. Normal Australians are expected to choose between jewish promoters of sodomy on the one hand and mutilated freaks on the other. Opposition to extreme Liberalism by a milder extremism couches its stance in anti-male and pro-sodomy language. “Conservatism” is by its very definition self defeating.

Thus the simple genius of one of Sewell’s men at the rally, who clearly articulated that they were there to stand up for children, for little boys who have toxic feminism shoved down their throats from their earliest years:

“What rights don’t women have these days? We’re here for the little boys.”

A motley coalition of female Liberal MP’s, based nonwhites and sodomy promoting feminists with strong ties to jewish ethnic lobby groups cannot repel the onslaught of Globohomo, and they were never supposed to. Ordinary people just aren’t going to be inspired enough to go for it, so cuckservatives will always lose.

White men want White men to represent White men so that White men can rule a nation created by White men for White men.

Similarly, a Liberal Party which expels members for affirming biological reality will never be able to effectively fight a Culture War, let alone balance a budget. It stands for nothing, aside from adopting the position it opposed in the cultural battle it lost five years ago as a core principle. It has rejected God and is founded upon Liberalism, just like the Labor Party to which it present itself as opposition.

The purpose of the Liberal Party is to prevent the genuine representation of Australians in Australian politics. The revolving door of supposed “rogue” MP’s who either purportedly or genuinely represent the interests of ordinary Aussies suits it in the long term, as it helps maintain the illusion that it can one day serve us.

The truth is that the Liberal Party cannot be reformed, retaken, restored let alone infiltrated. The Liberal Party must be utterly destroyed both physically, ideologically and spiritually.

The future for Australia is a choice between Thomas Sewell on the one hand and “blak” sovereignty extremists and pedo freaks on the other. It will be an easy choice for the vast majority of Australians.

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